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  1. HoudiniXLogic

    Uneven Vignetting

    Had this issue when I was filming on a really hot day with the camera turned on for 3 hrs plus. I turned it off for a minute to change the battery and when I turned it back on the vig was somewhere else. Freaking out, I decided to let my camera cool down before I tried to fix the problem. An hour later I got back to my camera and when I turned it on the problem was gone. Awesome either ways but still it got me worried. I should take my camera for a check up soon with the local pro shop.
  2. HoudiniXLogic

    Mk2 On Canon Xf100

    They do make Xtremes to fit on a couple of Sony broadcast-level camcorders such as the FX1 and EX1R. I currently own a Sony NX5 and use the Opteka .3x 72mm, but I've tried on an Xtreme designed for the FX1 and the Xtreme is just a bit wider and with barely any vig. I had my reservations but over time I've actually come to really appreciate the look I get on my NX5+Opteka.3x. I do want the MK2 though mainly because I would rather use a Bayonet mount than a screw-on. Is the Xtreme worth the couple grand? Fuck no, unless I'm on a company budget.
  3. HoudiniXLogic

    Hpx170 Camera Backpack?

    Kata makes quite good backpacks. I use a Sony NX5 so its pretty much around the same size as the HMC, give or take a few). I use the BL502 and I can fit another camcorder in there for sure if I rearrange the dividers and put accessories in a seperate bag.
  4. HoudiniXLogic


    looks like he still wants to use APSC sensors instead of going to full frame. Mind you, the 60d's video capabilities is pretty superb. but if you wanna go full frame, get the 5Dmk2, dont go 6D. 6D is only good for stills but video sucks.
  5. HoudiniXLogic

    Canon Vixia Hf R300 File Does Not Work With Vista Movie Maker

    get a proper editing software. like Adobe Premeire Pro or something. I'm assuming that Vista Movie Maker is the same thing as Windows Movie Maker except more updated.
  6. HoudiniXLogic

    Shit-talk This Video

    the picture of the line at 0:53 looked really weird, but i guess thats more of the camera. There was one trick where the camera shook when the subject landed their trick, but I could attribute that to being momentarily excited when the dude lands. I liked it btw, you kinda got your own style of filming.
  7. HoudiniXLogic

    Looking Into Dvx100 For B Roll Purposes, Worth It?

    just keep in mind that HD will also be considered outdated once 2k and 4k becomes the standard. Even right now, HD720p is beginning to become outdated as HD1080 becomes the standard.
  8. HoudiniXLogic

    Century Xtreme Vs. Opteka .3 (request)

    never tested myself personally, but from previous comparison posts, its a bit hard to explain. Like the opteka at the widest point (Z00) is pretty much as wide as an X-treme, with with a lot of vig. Zoom into Z07 or Z10 (depending on your cam), you will get rid of a lot of vignetting, but depending on the sensor, it might still be as wide or possibly less. But still relatively close. Just know that the Xtreme is designed specifically for the 16:9 sensor as the Opteka .3 is designed for the 4:3.
  9. HoudiniXLogic

    Post Your Setup Discussion Thread

    I'm sure none of us here film porn as our passion for skateboarding takes away from that. As a friend once told me, filming porn is pretty much the equivalent of a white chick going black.
  10. HoudiniXLogic

    What Made You Get Into Filming

    Before I got into skating, I was into Photography. I was using my dad's Nikon F3 old school cam with a 65-85 but the pictures I would take were of moving objects. Years later, just right before I got into skateboarding, a cousin of mine happened to own a Sony TRV camera that he filmed snowboarding with. And he would edit them tape to tape on a combination of the TV, 2 VCRs, and the Camera. From then on I knew I wanted to be behind the camera, even though it took me 3 years after that to get my first set up (Panasonic GX470 and then a Canon something). Then 3 years ago, after saving money for a while and making some of the best life-decisions anyone could ever make in their life, I ended up with a Sony HXR-NX5 and now I am on the way to acquire a PMW-EX1R (if the price is reasonable)
  11. HoudiniXLogic

    Post Your Setup Discussion Thread

    Sony HXR-NX5 with Opteka .3x
  12. HoudiniXLogic

    Post Your Setup!

    Sony HXR-NX5 Manfrotto 701HDV + 755XB Century Optics Fisheye HD Opteka .3x 72mm Ultra Fisheye extra batteries and SDHC class10 cards
  13. HoudiniXLogic

    Mk1 Vs Raymod Comparison?

    mk1, and all just for quality of glass. What you put in front of your camera really determines the quality of the footage you can get. I mean you can have a red epic but if you but some cheap ass lenses on it, even with its brain, sensor, and color correction on the go, the quality of footage is gonna look cheap. Why do people here suggest you to stay away from certain brands? Members on here have cameras which aren't cheap at all (well except for the beginners/kids, but naturally their gear will evolve into more expensive equipment). Cameras used for the majority of skateboarding videos are usually in the "prosumer" category (from VX1 and VX2 all the way to HPX200a and FS700U and everything in between), so the fisheye has to be of the same quality of the glass, and thats why people will always recomend Century Optics.
  14. HoudiniXLogic

    How To Attach Mk1 To Vx1000

    oh yeah and if this is your first time attaching the bayonet to the mount, you might want to do it over the bed. that way if anything happens your lens will fall onto an uber soft surface.
  15. HoudiniXLogic

    Vx1000 & Hvx200

    I enjoyed Real's Since Day One on how they combined the HD and SD footy together without stretching the SD footy to 16x9.