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  1. JSantiago

    WTB: Ogio Ty2 or similar

    I'm sure you've found one by now, but I have a Ty 2. Message me if you're interested.
  2. JSantiago

    Bump to Bar FS 180

    Looking for some feedback! Denzel Jennings - FS 180 by Justin Santiago, on Flickr
  3. JSantiago

    Fakie flip

    The timing makes this look like a SW heel. Aside from that, I dig it.
  4. JSantiago

    Frontside Flip

    In hindsight, I get entirely what all of you mean with the sign. I was shooting it from the other side before & had my flash to the other side for a few & that seemed to turn out good. (I'll post one or two later)
  5. JSantiago

    Frontside Flip

    Took this photo a couple of weeks back & finally got around to posting it. Looking for comments/Critique (Self Critique: Don't like the shadow on his body (Wish I had another flash to use) & wish the timing on the catch was a hair later)
  6. JSantiago

    Frontside Flip

    Thanks guys! I appreciate it
  7. JSantiago

    Backside 5050 rail

    Absolutely love everything about this photo! So good
  8. JSantiago


    Shot on Canon 6D with one flash on the other side of him & natural light on the side facing towards us. Critique/Comments welcome! Thanks everyone!
  9. JSantiago


    Thanks! I get entirely what you mean. There's another side to this & it's an exact duplicate. I should've asked for him to do it on that side instead. I can imagine what you're saying here & I don't think it'd be that bad of a shot. Definitely something to consider next time I'm there. In hindsight, I should've shot a little bit towards the right. There's a lot of dead space that's pretty distracting.
  10. JSantiago

    John Young Gems 2018 - Contest Edit

    I agree with you entirely. I definitely played it a little too safe with this one so on the next one I'll try to throw in more creative elements to hopefully bring it over that one notch more. Thanks for the feedback!! Thank you! It's 1080/60 straight from the camera to premiere; no scaling or anything.
  11. Local skateshop threw a contest this weekend & here's the recap!! (Critique please)
  12. Thanks so much! & I know exactly what you mean lol. There were a few dudes out there that looked lost HMC150. Theres something about the P2 process/price that made me stay away.
  13. Managed to film a little bit of the Volcom Road Rager Tour in Jax Beach Check it out! Critique please!!
  14. Really stoked our team got 1st place this year! Basically, the contest is simple. Plus Skateshop (Orlando) gives you a kicker ramp & you have 24 hours to film whatever you possibly can with it. Once the 24 hours is done, you return the ramp & have a little over a week to edit the clips. After that, there's a premiere with all the teams & edits & every person who was on a team votes for the best edit. Here's ours: (BONUS!! OUR SECOND PLACE EDIT FROM LAST YEAR!!)
  15. JSantiago


    Bottom two are beautiful. Looks like something right out of Nat Geo
  16. JSantiago

    5050 and Backside Nosegrind

    I really like the first one! Love the natural light; my only discrepancy is that I can't see his face. I'm sure you shot is from this side for a specific reason though.
  17. JSantiago

    Bump to Bar Ollie

    The landing is ridiculous; I don't know what convinced him to do it but he pretty much rolled away with rocks under the wheels haha In hindsight, I probably could've put a flash on the floor behind the palette & faced it up to get some light on his face. I think in the moment I was struggling a little to figure out where exactly to put the flashes.
  18. JSantiago

    Bump to Bar Ollie

    Shot this a few months ago; probably closer to half a year ago now Shot on a Canon 6D w/ 50mm f/1.4 Looking for some critique please! Alex Szlabonyi - Ollie by Justin Santiago, on Flickr
  19. JSantiago

    Bump to Bar Ollie

    I used a 50mm f/1.4. I also used one flash instead of two; in hindsight I should've used two haha To post from Flickr you get the BBC Embed & just post EDIT: meant to put 50mm f/1.4
  20. JSantiago

    Couple kickflips from summer

    Love the first one; lighting is great & I love the catch
  21. JSantiago


    Love the first shot!
  22. JSantiago

    Sp Photodude's Instagrams

  23. JSantiago

    The New SPPhotoDudes Instagram Hype Train

    Mainly clips/edits; 100% skateboard related @justinrsantiago (You'll see the occasional photo of my girlfriend & I haha)
  24. JSantiago

    Backside Air - Roof Quarterpipe

    Aside from not being able to see the QP; I love this
  25. JSantiago

    Fs Noseslide To Fakie

    Alex Szlabonyi - FS Noseslide to Fakie by Justin Santiago, on Flickr I mainly film but I've been dabbling with shooting for a little while now. This is was all natural light because I don't have syncs for my flashes. Self Critique: Wish I could see his face more. Should've been over more to the right (I think)