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  1. constructive criticism please first time in final cut x
  2. mitcheljackson

    Film/skate Collective (filmerhands) Promo

    backing this. that was rad
  3. mitcheljackson

    Assignment 42 Voting

    3 pts zackpoops 2 pts aaronmcnevich 1 pt tomhallway
  4. mitcheljackson

    Assignment 41 Voting

    3pts daniel kusnir 2pts jackoABCDEFG 1pt zackpoops
  5. mitcheljackson

    Portland, Oregon

    from there. 9 months of rain. beautiful summers. awesome looking spots on film and in person. be ready for some choppy ground.
  6. mitcheljackson

    5-0 Monument

    me too. but switch.
  7. mitcheljackson

    Light Test. Settings?

    me as well thanks.
  8. mitcheljackson

    Light Test. Settings?

    Just got a cn160 need a little help with the settings obviously and suggestions?
  9. mitcheljackson

    Light Test. Settings?

    that'll help with the clarity of the ground won't it? i forgot that the steady shot was on.
  10. mitcheljackson

    Light Test. Settings?

    thanks everyone.
  11. mitcheljackson

    They Come At Night - Short Skate Film

  12. mitcheljackson

    Assignment 39 Voting

    3pts JackoADCDEFG 2pts aaronmcnevich 1pt. tomhallway
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    New Hd Edit

    park looks fun. cool edit.
  15. mitcheljackson

    Dating Advice

    go skate and forget about these dumb broads
  16. mitcheljackson

    Bad Looking Tricks

    this video is hilarious. but varials are cool.
  17. mitcheljackson

    Raw Footty 2014

    nat geo nipples
  18. mitcheljackson

    Radnor Montage

    awesome video. skating was sick. i originally shopped for a trv. love the way they look
  19. mitcheljackson

    Guilty Pleasure Tricks

    pressure flips. and flamingos.
  20. http://youtu.be/HqKz4JK9kGQ Constructive criticism please.... Colors ... Filming.... Thank You
  21. mitcheljackson

    Constructive Criticism Please....

    much appreciated thank you
  22. mitcheljackson

    Constructive Criticism Please....

    thanks... I do agree. any settings changes i have the color and sharpness all the way up. at 5.6