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  1. constructive criticism please first time in final cut x
  2. mitcheljackson

    Film/skate Collective (filmerhands) Promo

    backing this. that was rad
  3. mitcheljackson

    Assignment 42 Voting

    3 pts zackpoops 2 pts aaronmcnevich 1 pt tomhallway
  4. mitcheljackson

    Assignment 41 Voting

    3pts daniel kusnir 2pts jackoABCDEFG 1pt zackpoops
  5. mitcheljackson

    Portland, Oregon

    from there. 9 months of rain. beautiful summers. awesome looking spots on film and in person. be ready for some choppy ground.
  6. mitcheljackson

    5-0 Monument

    me too. but switch.
  7. mitcheljackson

    Light Test. Settings?

    me as well thanks.
  8. mitcheljackson

    Light Test. Settings?

    that'll help with the clarity of the ground won't it? i forgot that the steady shot was on.
  9. mitcheljackson

    Light Test. Settings?

    thanks everyone.
  10. mitcheljackson

    Light Test. Settings?

    Just got a cn160 need a little help with the settings obviously and suggestions?
  11. mitcheljackson

    They Come At Night - Short Skate Film

  12. mitcheljackson

    Assignment 39 Voting

    3pts JackoADCDEFG 2pts aaronmcnevich 1pt. tomhallway