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  1. indyskatefilms

    Mountain Spots And Backyard Bowls

    Youre settings/quality are insanely good for vx1 on youtube, given how much it fucks up quality. Any tips?
  2. indyskatefilms

    Vx1000 Settings Improvement Montage

    if you're referring to the low sun clips in the first half those ones we're supposed to look stale. The fiasco in the middle is where the good settings kick in to show tot real improvement. Thanks for the feedback though I love to hear any reactrions
  3. A short montage of some really old footage, I felt like making one to show how much better your footage can look when you get your settings down and how it helped me improve. setup: vx1000 raymod any comments and critiques are appreciated
  4. indyskatefilms

    Switch Tapes? Vx1000

    I agree, just order sony tapes on amazon or something. It's convenient to buy them at a corner store but usually they are dangerously pricey and it's just way cheaper to buy sony tapes in bulk online
  5. indyskatefilms

    Colors And Quality Like This

    his sharpness and color are probably all the way up. maybe not sharpness because there wasn't a ton of jagged edges but the footage is pretty crisp. also he's filming in sunlight, which makes it look a hell of a lot better. the sun can determine if the footage gets the "vx look" sometimes because overcast doesn't look as attractive
  6. indyskatefilms

    Beagle Gone Hd?

    no; he announced that he's not "gone hd" and he's gonna keep filming vx and that he's gonna used hd to get the job done for certain projects
  7. indyskatefilms

    Computer Issues Netjiot

    that being said does anybody know much about "pc tools mechanics registry" or some shit? it keeps coming up and I think it might be slowing me down especially when editing. the strange thing is I haven't done anything sketchy that would have gotten a virus so I was just wondering if its safe or not
  8. indyskatefilms

    The Post Production Netjiot

    that happens to me to with avchd but then if I add something to it and render it it plays fine. I don't really give a shit anymore though cause I don't film hd
  9. indyskatefilms

    The Filming Netjiot

    a lot of times me and a friend of mine go skating cause he lives in my neighborhood but he sucks at filming. not even trying to be an asshole but he filmed a clip the other day and it looked like the part in pretty sweet where jack black was filming. plus he managed to get his arm and knee in the shot. he probably thinks cause its a vx he can just point and shoot but anyways any advice cause I every clip I have of me sucks
  10. indyskatefilms

    Who Wants To Ramp A Clip For Me?

    I've got movie maker, now please lock the thread
  11. indyskatefilms

    Who Wants To Ramp A Clip For Me?

    this isn't a bad idea actually. I don't have after affects and im nearly done with a full length so i'm probably not gonna get it. I don't know how you would give a prize other than putting someone on your legit list which probably shouldn't happen
  12. indyskatefilms

    When Filming In The Hood?

    late input but with the bumps and all... - if somebody comes up and talks to you, they probably don't give a shit: they want your shit. some dudes came and wanted us to play basketball and started talking to us just so they could steal a board. luckily is was like 12 and wasn't even filming at the time.
  13. indyskatefilms

    Justin Klegka - Kickflip Over Rail

    he looks like a manican just cause he's so distorted and plastic looking. good photo but the barrel distortion is a little to noticable
  14. indyskatefilms

    The Filming Netjiot

    what if the previous user of the consumer cap cam used maxell or jvc tapes isn't it not good to mix the lubricants
  15. indyskatefilms

    What All Do I Need For Off Camera Flash

    advil for if the guy slams. idea credits to Jakkoskates