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  1. MEfilmer97

    Sd Street Throwaway

    also i didnt have my filmer board on me for the weekends this was filmed hence the terrible sounding lines
  2. MEfilmer97

    Sd Street Throwaway

    yeah im setting the audio manually from now on, im getting a dvx or a vx1 setup ive just had the gl1 so long with surprisingly little problems so ive been stuck with it financially for a while
  3. throwaway filmed with a cnon gl1/opteka in portland and brunswick maine
  4. sup im an 18 year old skater and filmer and i was born and lived in new york for about a decade, now my only chance to come back to the city is memorial day weekend, if you or your freinds need a filmer(i film sd but familiar with hd, dslr, hpx/hvxs) message me or text 2078315712 i dont really care how good or bad your are long as you are down to hit some spots and dont push mongo *if this is in the wrong thread please let me know
  5. MEfilmer97

    New Balance- Vx 4000

    fuckin sick all hd camera should have such a wide fisheye not just for the classic 4:3 feel but i see way to many kids with dslrs cutting heads
  6. MEfilmer97

    Park Footage

    footage at my local park filmed in one day
  7. MEfilmer97

    Sd Park Footy

    canon gl1/opteka,fcp7
  8. MEfilmer97

    Vx1000 Indoor Park Footage

    yea the veiwfinder is toast so he has to keep it on auto until he sends it to kerry
  9. not behind the cam in this one, quick lil edit
  10. MEfilmer97

    Dslr Vs 3ccd

    3ccd sensors just compliment the skating with a wide ass century optics that a lot of people still prefer, especially in places where skateboarding hasnt progressed in a while.
  11. MEfilmer97

    Panasonic Gs500 Worth Buying?

    got a gs500 babydeath setup will let go for cheap
  12. MEfilmer97

    Looking To Get A Mini Dv

    gs500 willing to let go for cheap text 20seven83157one2
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1aalgCHnIU
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1aalgCHnIU