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  1. I'm looking for the best light in my budget. I'm looking for either the aputure 120d or the aputure lightstorm 1s. I mainly want to use one of these for lighting up a room then get two other led panels for a key and fill. I just wanted to know which would be brighter and better since they're bascially the same price. I'm going to be shooting with a gh4 if that helps
  2. T3i W/ Cinestyle Vs 6d

    I'm going to be filming a short film for school soon. I have a t3i with cinestyle and magic lantern on it. But I can get a 6d to use but it doesn't have cinestyle or magic lantern. Which would be a better option? My t3i will have a really flat image cause of cinestyle but the 6D is a full frame camera. I have no idea which would be my best bet.
  3. T3i W/ Cinestyle Vs 6d

    Yeah I was thinking the same thing, I might be able to use the c100 with the 3 cinema lenses but my computer wouldn't be able to handle the footage of that sadly. I was thinking of using my t3i as a b roll camera to upload behind the scenes and how we shot this scene and etc to help anyone that's curious on how we done things. I got a lot of thinking to do haha.
  4. T3i W/ Cinestyle Vs 6d

    I'd just be borrowing it. My school has a sign out room that's free. I just use my student card for it. I'm doing a horror film with a bit of low light shooting. Plus I was thinking the 24-105L that comes with the 6D would be better than the t3i with the crappy kit lens I have. I'm just worried on not using a flat image if I end up using the 6D
  5. We have no idea where we went with this, we finally got prop guns and just wanted to try them out haha. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGeafi8k2_E
  6. Hey guys, this might be an easy fix but i can't figure it out. What im doing is a gun shot effect, but the footage is a bit shaky so i want the smoke from the gun to move with the frame so it looks like its actually in place if that makes sense. I made the tracker but the smoke and muzzle flare disapear whenever i motion track. The top layer is the smoke, the middle layer is the muzzle flare and the bottom layer is the footage. But yeah, i used the edge of the curtains to track motion, but i want the smoke right infront of the gun before he acts out the gun shot kick back. I screenshotted it to give you gives a better idea since this may not be as clear.
  7. New Skit

    Lmao sure, Ive taken the video down. Happy?
  8. New Skit

    I understand it has a bad impact from the points you made, but jumping on me for it is something you shouldn't be doing. You guys make it seem like i made this video to influence other towards gun violence, which is something im not going for at all.
  9. New Skit

    Haha, you think I care about being banned on a site? Let them ban me, as for being a terrorist you have no idea who I am. You guys are jokes, have fun being over sensitive over a little stupid video.
  10. New Skit

    There's a huge difference, when people don't like something they say they don't like something. You on the other hand were taking it personal and trying to insult me on every little thing which is childish. I also did not say it was hilarious. I said I made this when I was bored. You over reacted over a little video.
  11. New Skit

    You're being immature, insulting someone? You're writing paragraphs of constant trash talking. Grow up, you've been immature and ignorant throughout this whole post. Don't go crying about it.
  12. New Skit

    Jesus man, get over yourself. A joke is a joke, I know people that liked it. You don't like it, I don't care. Go film your own stuff, being negative towards someone else's videos that didn't even have a meaning to it clearly shows you have nothing better to do. If you don't like it, go dislike it and move on. All of this arguing is just immature and a waste of time.
  13. New Skit

    I'm sensitive? You make a big deal out of a video that's a joke. I clearly said its a joke, if you get to emotional over a video then you shouldn't be on the Internet. There's tons of movies with gun violence, there's even worse things on the Internet. Plus, I didn't ask for anyone to praise me. So you can get forget about that assumption
  14. New Skit

    Stop being so sensitive, it was a joke and we did it cause we were bored. If you don't like it cool, don't go bashing it. You're just wasting time with your negativity.
  15. Haven't filmed in a while, hopefully i didn't get too rusty lmao. Enjoy guys!
  16. First time i ever tried to do a gun shot effect, im trying to practice the effect before i do the short film with gun shots. https://www.dropbox.com/s/zrr95rctczegpi8/GunShotEffect.mp4?dl=0 Sorry for a dropbox link and not a youtube link. Hopefully it isn't a hassle for you guys
  17. Thanks for all the feedback guys!
  18. Thanks and i see what you mean. Maybe putting the opacity down to 80% or 75% might do the trick? If i go any lower i don't think it would look good. Thanks! I appreciate it.
  19. Im planning to use a fog machine my friend gave me, its a 400W fog machine and id like to use it to make it a bit foggy in the forest im going to be shooting at. It'll be at night and ill be lighting it up with lights. Would a fog machine with that much watts do the job?
  20. Using A 400w Fog Machine For A Short Film

    Alright, thanks for the help. Do you think my best bet would be to get very dense fog fluid or just the normal stuff?
  21. Using A 400w Fog Machine For A Short Film

    Yeah I was worrying about how dense it is but I have no money cause I don't have a job. I'm just trying to work with what's available. Maybe if I move it around here and there while the fog is going it might make the fog more even in places?
  22. Using A 400w Fog Machine For A Short Film

    It's a pretty decent size, the trees are also very close together as well.
  23. Haven't filmed skating in a while cause of school, hyped i was able to film last night. Let me know what you guys think
  24. Thanks man! I cropped the vig a bit to make it look more like a vx.
  25. Im currently looking for a decent 3 point lighting setup for a short film i need to do for a film project for school. Im also looking to use it for future projects on my time off. So far i seen a setup on amazon for $200. Its a 3000W setup, but its by cowboystudio, its also softbox lights which im assuming would be annoying to put them together and tearing them down after every shoot. But since my budget is $250 should i just suck it up and deal with the building time or is there another cheaper option online? Heres the link for the setup if anyone would like to look at it. http://www.amazon.ca/CowboyStudio-Photography-Continuous-Lighting-Carrying/dp/B002HVIUE8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1425527606&sr=8-1&keywords=cowboystudio+3000w