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  1. KDB

    Wtb: Vx1000 Asap!

    I have a really mint vx2k. text me 603-860-4113 if you're interested.
  2. KDB

    Wtb Vx1000

    vx2k with mk1 and Ogio Ty Evans bag and much more. text me 603-860-4113
  3. KDB

    Ogio Atiba Mini

    I have the Ogio Ty Evans bag. it's very similar. text me at 603-860-4113.
  4. KDB

    Wtb Mk1

    I have a mk1 with a vx2000 bayo mount on it if you're interested.
  5. KDB

    Wtb: Vx1k/mk1 Setup Or (for Dvx100p/mk2 Setup)

    I have a vx2k setup with mk1 fisheye and ogio ty evans backpack. ill pm you.
  6. KDB

    Wtb Mk1

    I have a Mk1 with a vx2000 bayo mount. Theres a small scuff on it that doesnt show up in footage but a little in bright light. I have footage of it.PM me. or text me at 603-860-4113
  7. KDB

    Wtb: Vx1000 W/ Mk1

    I have a Vx2000 with Mk1 and an Ogio Ty Evans Backpack. I also have like 10 unused Minidv tapes.
  8. KDB

    Wtb - Vx1000 Mk1 Set Up Or Dvx100b

    I have a VX2000 Mk1 setup with an Ogio Ty Evans Backpack. PM me.
  9. no ramps in vegas unles you want a mediocre fake ramp. get the twixtor plugin for vegas,there's so many tutorials on youtube, just search for it.
  10. KDB

    Vx1000 Weird Line Problem

    the footage is interlaced. de-interlace by right clicking on clip and going to properties.
  11. So every time I render something on my new desktop, it renders fully then I play the video and it is all static and weird radio wave lines. I can't even see the footage. Been doing some research and am not sure what to do. I tried it with both Vegas 12 and 11 and the same issue happens over and over again. Even tried rendering in a different format such .wmv or .avi, just anything to fix the problem but I have not come across a solution yet. If you have any idea why this could be happening, please tell me.
  12. KDB

    Mk1 Vs Raymod Comparison?

    mk1 looks way better, no doubt.
  13. KDB

    Best Fisheye For The Canon T3i?

    peleng 8mm. the step down is any manybrand.