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  1. Which Super 8 Film Should I Buy?

    Willhicks, can you please explain to me what xls means in the canoon series. What is the difference between a canon 1014 and canon 1014 xls? Thanks in advance.
  2. Which Super 8 Film Should I Buy?

    This is real super8 footage by the way
  3. Which Super 8 Film Should I Buy?

    Heres an example
  4. Which Super 8 Film Should I Buy?

    think about the times:
  5. Which Super 8 Film Should I Buy?

    No but i have seen the square in real super 8 footage. The app is supposed to mimick the real thing
  6. Which Super 8 Film Should I Buy?

    Thanks willhicks, im not sure how to post photos but it looks like the square you see in a lot of those 8mm apps people use with their phones
  7. Which Super 8 Film Should I Buy?

    Im having some trouble choosing a super 8 film to purchase. I hear everyone say that ektachrome 100d is great but dont really want to spend that much. Ive seen some old expired kodakchrome 40 on ebay for cheap but im not sure what results i get. I dont want that square around the frame you see in some super 8 footage, is that related to what flm you shoot on? Im kind of confused on all of this. I plan on shooting with a canon 514xl
  8. 35mm Front Feeble

    Heck yeah zack, so good
  9. Vegetarians And Vegans?

    Been vegetarian for almost a year now, im digging it.
  10. Fs: Dvx100a + Opteka + Accessories

    Go to my channel "Jesse Meza". This is my old setup.
  11. Vx1000 Batteries

  12. Vx1000 Rca Caps

  13. Who Out There Is Still Using An Mk1

  14. What Are Some Good Super 8 Cameras?

    Thanks, i think ill look into getting a 814 with 50d film