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  1. Best Capture Software For Vx1000 On Windows

    I have windows
  2. Best Capture Software For Vx1000 On Windows

    How did you manage to download it? We got our family desktop, cleaned and renewed and it totally wiped my Vegas, and of course I lost the disk and cereal code. And I have a full tape just waiting to be captured
  3. Best Capture Software For Vx1000 On Windows

  4. Best Capture Software For Vx1000 On Windows

    I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 11 to capture my footage, and it's not very good because my videos end up looking very foggy on YouTube. I do use the internal settings, and I render out of aecs6 with dv settings. I could be capturing with bad capturing settings, but I'm not sure, but if I'm not, please give me some advice on some free or pirate-able captureing software. Thank you.
  5. Vx1 Rattling Noise

    I have a modded Opteka 52mm that i can sell you, i use to film with it but i recently got an mk1. It has all 4 corners of sweet vig....if you wanna buy
  6. Vx1000 Problem

    When I put my veiwfinder into the up-right position I can still see, it does not cut to black. But the image it displays is very very dim, and it only projects the colors Blue and Black. Is this a sign the my ribbon cable is going out?
  7. Filming Lines With A Vx1000

    Before I actually bought my vx I was debating on whether I should buy one or not, because I was so use to filming with an LCD, I didnt think id be able to get good footage. But you learn to film with different cameras eventually, and almost any fisheye you put on a vx makes it 2x easier to film skateboarding.
  8. Iphone Fisheye

  9. Vx1 Light Alternative?

    I have an opteka 160 led, and no matter how tight i screw it on, it always slides off very slowly. Great lighting tho.
  10. Vx1000 4:3 Ratio In After Effects Cs6 Help

    Or just tell me how many times i need to press down or up to get to the one i need to select
  11. Vx1000 4:3 Ratio In After Effects Cs6 Help

    I havent look in the menu, where do i find that. Ive changed the capturing ratio many times and theres no difference in the end
  12. Just got after effects cs6, and I have no fucking idea what in doing, I only know how to import & slow mo clips, and RAM Render. BUT I NEED to know how to put my vx footage in 4:3 aspect ratio, BTW ITS A JAPANESE VX1000
  13. Clear Vx1000 Footage

    I use sony vegas movie studio 11.......so WHICH PIXEL ASPECT RATIO SHOULD I PICK TO GET 4:3?? 1.0000 (Multimedia) 0.9091 (NTSC DV) 1.2121 (NTC DV Widescreen) 1.0926 (PAL DV) 1.4568 (PAL DV Widescreen)
  14. Clear Vx1000 Footage

    I have a japense vx tho
  15. Clear Vx1000 Footage

    do you mean set it to 4x3 through the vx or through editing......either way I don't know how...