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  1. Random Photo Discussion

    Oof, I remember that project, but don't remember who it was. Maybe some one with a "mike" in their name? Or a name starting with a "D?" While I'm in school again, I've been putting things on the 'gram, and think I've found a couple of you guys. www.instagram.com/omar.j.a/ Also I live in Pasadena now, so if anyone in the LA area wants to be friends, I'm around.
  2. Random Photo Discussion

    Hey guys, I have a pretty terrible anxiety about writing, and putting words next to pictures has never been my strong suit. I'm trying to get better with it, so I spent some time working on blurbs for some photos I shot around this garden near where I grew up. If you've got a minute, I'd love if you could read through the page, and if you see any errors or have any notes on the writing (or anything else) please lleme know. Here's the link: http://omaraddasi.com/theinternet/gardensketchv3.html
  3. Random Photo Discussion

    Fucking hell, Koston and Guy are off Girl, and I can type emoticons into skate perception posts now? Everything's different and it's not okay.
  4. Random Photo Discussion

    Bingo bango
  5. Random Photo Discussion

    This is some stuff I've been up to, but really this post is about me being in Europe for the next 6 weeks. Going from Madrid to Copenhagen and stopping in Barcelona, Marseilles, Lyon, Paris and a bunch of other places along the way. If you wanna hang out (looking at you Virtual) and maybe even shelter two guys send me an email omar dot gne at gmail.com
  6. Random Photo Discussion

    Merry Christmas every body. A couple years ago my mother put up our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving. It wasn't really a tree, it was actually a white metal lawn decoration that had a spiral of lights wrapping around it in circles. We left it up for Christmas, new years, and then as months went by it stayed in the living room. It wasn't really in the way, and nobody seemed particularly bothered by it. Every so often we'd have company over, and they'd ask about it, but we just shrugged it off. Winter gave way to spring, and it was still standing. In summer, we unplugged the timer powering it, but it still stood there in the living room. When it got warm out, we talked about putting it away, but no one made the move to do it. Fall gave way to Winter, and before we knew it, it was December again. We plugged the timer back in, and every night the lawn ornament would glow in the corner of the living room. We opened presents under the tree on Christmas day. It felt like we beat the system. That's how I feel about my Christmas avatar.
  7. First, hey again everyone. I miss you all. I'm on a trip heading generally in a west/southwest direction and need a hand. Up until 4 days ago, it had been about a year and a half since I touched my camera. I shot a test roll to make sure everything's still functioning, got it developed and printed at a local photo lab down here in Charleston, and I can't actually tell if things are okay, The prints look pretty terrible, like they crushed the blacks and blew out the highlights. They printed it on some wierd bumpy matte paper, so I can even tell if things are in focus. That said, I'm worried my lenses might be un-collimated, that Portra might be drastically different than the old NC, and that I might have just forgotten how to shoot photos. So, if anyone has an Epson4490 or similar scanner, and could scan 4 or 5 frames for me, with a pretty flat, porta esque curve, resize them to about 1200 pixels wide, and send them to me in an email, I would be forever in debt. I only have my phone, but I can check on a hostel computer too, and I could also just take your word for it. If you're willing to help, THANKS! I will be forever in debt, and you can milk that by crashing in my apartment whenever you want and reminding me how I owe you a beer if you are ever in NY. PM me your address, I'll send you some negatives, and you can reassure me that my camera is totally fine and I am just a shitty photographer. Thanks dudes! (Also, heading from Charleston possibly to Savannah, maybe to Baton Rouge, definitely eventually to Austin, San Antonio, Flagstaff, San Diego, Los Angeles, SF, Portland. If you're on the way lets hang out!)
  8. Random Photo Discussion

    That sucks dude. Go out and see friends IRL, only thing to do.
  9. Random Photo Discussion

    Fuck that its cold. If you wanna walk around and take sad winter photos and then just give up and drink I'm down.
  10. Random Photo Discussion

    Hey dudes, So I have an apartment in Astoria now. If anyone needs a place to crash in NYC lleme know. Furthermore, my friend/teacher/life mentor has a show up at the Leica gallery you should all see. 670 Broadway. Closes on the 5th.
  11. Random Photo Discussion

    How long are you over there? I can leave NY January 18th the earliest.
  12. Random Photo Discussion

    I'm In between deciding if I should sign a year long lease or head to southeast Asia for winter. Whoever convinces me their idea is better wins my company.
  13. Random Photo Discussion

    I second being touristy. There's free tours by super passionate architecture lovers at millennium park. Just ask around and somebody will point you to the place where they meet up. Across the street from the park is Wildberry Cafe. Eat there. Order everything. Right nearby is the Art Institute, definitely see that. Seriously, don't fuck that up. There's architectural boat tours all over the place, but everyone recommended the ones from CAF: http://www.architecture.org/page.aspx?pid=574 Again, super passionate people. Wicker park is Chicago's Williamsburg, so there's a lot of fun bars and coffee shops. There's an IHSP hostel right near all the fun shit that is pretty clean, cheap, and has a rooftop patio for getting hammered with Europeans before getting further hammered in the bars below. Also, going to the top of the Hancock tower is free, you just need to get a drink in the lounge. It's not a bad atmosphere, but order a beer or something, their long island iced teas taste like shit. Furthermore, there is an annual race up the Hancock tower steps called the hustle up the Hancock. I'll leave it to you to incorporate that fact into a pickup line.
  14. Random Photo Discussion

    Been in a bit of a rut but it's not all bad. Basically been working for the last few months straight with only a handful of days off. Back to back features and a lot of union work, so no complaints, but I'm looking forward to the winter slow down to get my life back in order. On a side note, Louisville Kentucky is pretty fucking sweet. There's a camera store that has piles of awesome stuff. Literally piles. And cases upon cases of Leica stuff. The owners a super cool dude. http://www.chuckrubin.com/ There's also Murphy's camera, which had a tiny museum like room stocked with a ton of fancy gold plated leather coated cameras. If you find youself nearby: Quills Coffee for coffee. Heine Brothers next to Carmichael's bookstore if you want to read. They've got a copy of Eggleston Before Color. Lynn's Paradise Cafe for Breakfast, Heart of Soy for Lunch, Ramsi's Cafe for Dinner, Akiko's for Drinks & Karaoke, and Vernon Lanes for Bowling.
  15. Random Photo Discussion

    Aw damn, left today for Indianapolis, but this storm boned me and now I'm sitting in a hotel room in terre haute and the power keeps going out.