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  1. CINCYnaf

    Fs: Vx1000

    Fuck, somebody buy this vx1, I'm going to college I need money. $400
  2. CINCYnaf

    Fs: Vx1000

    Nah it's not taped on, after one of my friends got their shit knocked off I put tape around mine just in case, I can take it off it it'll make you happy.
  3. you can get this for cheaaaap Jap vx1000, good condition, a few minor cosmetic scratches but other than that its good - $600 obo 4 batteries, one sony and 3 after market that last forever k-3 16mm film camera - $100 paypal only no trades
  4. CINCYnaf

    Vx1k / Mk1 Full Kit

    just updated to add more pictures
  5. CINCYnaf

    Vx1k / Mk1 Full Kit

    bump no offers on the camera yet somebody buy this thing
  6. CINCYnaf

    Vx1k / Mk1 Full Kit

    bump, bump, bump it up
  7. all i have left is the vx1000 so i started a new thread
  8. CINCYnaf

    Fs: Brand New Apple 1tb Time Capsule

    yeah theres a usb port on the back where you can plug another external hard drive or a printer into and make those wireless. ill be home from work around 9:30est so just hit me back.
  9. This works as a 802.11n wireless router and a wireless backup hard drive for every computer on your network. I'm struggling on money right now so im trying to get $400 obo out of this, it sells in stores for 500! and like i said its brand new still in the wrapping. HIT ME UP!!
  10. CINCYnaf

    *black 8gb New Nano With Video*

  11. your white balance gave me a headache, geez it was bad. it was very hard to watch, the guy that rode goofy had some weird stee theres nothing i can really compliment on.