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  1. Hendrix.dslr

    Park Shit

    shit filming at the park, enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDf2fy7cL9s
  2. Hendrix.dslr

    Capture Cam/device?

    Sweet as, thanks
  3. Hendrix.dslr

    Capture Cam/device?

    Well fuck haha thanks for telling me I didn't know about that.
  4. Hendrix.dslr

    Capture Cam/device?

    So are you saying i should not rewrite over them at all? like 1 tape 1 trick sort of thing?
  5. Hendrix.dslr

    Capture Cam/device?

    Shit, i'm going to need a lot of tapes
  6. Hendrix.dslr

    Capture Cam/device?

    And then not re-use the tape afterwards? damn i really wish all the old posts were still accessible
  7. Hendrix.dslr

    Capture Cam/device?

    ok i can understand that, is there any reason people would say to avoid capturing from with anything except the camera you filmed the tape on?
  8. Hendrix.dslr

    Capture Cam/device?

    Hey guys. i've got my hands on a dvx mk2 mix and i want to look after the camera as best i can, i've heard a lot about having a second camera for capture or a capture device and i was wondering if someone could explain this to me and why i shouldn't capture from the same camera. i was also wondering if anyone has experience with the dvx100 and the mk2 fisheye, is there a way to get the screen to display the actual image or does anyone know how far i should zoom in so the little sun shade isnt in the footage? thanks.
  9. Hendrix.dslr

    Eazy Handle V2 Dimensions

    Eazy dolly only have the overall measurements on there site, i'm after the individual dimensions of each piece if anyone could help me out. I'd love to buy it off you if I had the funds, thanks for the offer though. You wouldn't be able to measure the parts of it for me would you?
  10. Hendrix.dslr

    Eazy Handle V2 Dimensions

    Hey guys, i'm looking for dimensions for the eazy handle v2, I know I can get the rig height and total length off of the eazydolly website but i'm going to need measurements of individual parts and pictures if possible, help would really be appreciated. Thanks
  11. Hendrix.dslr

    Dvx100 Crash Course

    Oh right, Yeah I thought that might be the case, sucks but guess I'll just have to deal with it. wish all the old posts on here were still accessible
  12. Hendrix.dslr

    Dvx100 Crash Course

    Oh right, what about spacers? at least then I'd have vig in every corner, I heard about fixing it with a razor blade and dicing part of the camera but can't find anything on how to do it
  13. Hendrix.dslr

    Dvx100 Crash Course

    Hey guys, I've recently got my hands on a dvx100 and century pro dv ultra fisheye (this is the century mk2 right?) it's my first time shooting sd and i'm super keen but need a crash coarse. First thing is I need to know is if i'm mounting my bayo right? and what I can do about the vig being uneven? and do bayonet mounts have spacers? help would be appreciated
  14. Hendrix.dslr

    The Fisheye Thread

    Hey guys, looking into a fisheye for nikon ff body, thinking of the 16mm 2.8d, any difference between the ai and the d? also heard the 16mm 3.5 ai is sharper?
  15. Hendrix.dslr

    5-0 To Bs Tail

    Ok that's cool then thanks I'm sorry I don't fully understand what you mean by where the building crosses the floor, could you please explain? I included the building on the left because I thought it would be better to include than the side of the parking building I was hanging out of but I can understand how it could be disorientating.