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  1. Mooley

    Xa, Yah Dig.

    Others aren't doing too much for me, but I love that first one. The bluish green carrying over from the outside to the inside contrasting that lovely maroon-ish colour, awesome.
  2. Mooley

    Fs Feeble

    I agree with Shayne. The ingredients are there for a powerful, up-close fisheye shot, but the feeble is too bland. You don't get the impression he's grinding, he looks too static. Yeah, it's just a miniramp, but if you cut down on some of that negative space and get in tighter, it would be stronger.
  3. Mooley

    White & Black

    Shame about that chick cutting into the frame in the second, otherwise I'm really stoked on all three of them. 1 and 3 especially though.
  4. Mooley

    Almost Out Of The Woods

    I think I'd like that bonus more if you'd gone out further and shot the valley without the foliage and stuff in the foreground. Seems like a really cool, desolate landscape and I don't think that stuff jutting out in the foreground really contributes to it at all.
  5. Mooley

    New Shots

    I rather like the second as it is... the desert ends and then you get a hint of something beyond without getting the full sense of it. It's more alluring than a standard 'wandering in the desert' shot, and this way it sort of combines with the people in the shot to imply a destination, which is more interesting than a standard landscape approach in my eyes.
  6. Mooley


    I've only read a few things about it, but It seems like couriers like FedEx and UPS just charge outrageously high 'brokerage fees' for your goods if they have to clear customs on the ground, where there's actually no official tariffs/duties on goods like that because of NAFTA. I think if you pay extra to ship them by air that doesn't happen, but it seems safer to just get it shipped with USPS, supposedly there's just a flat $5 handling fee or something regardless of the value of the goods, plus the PST/GST you already mentioned. I'd recommend you do a little bit more digging, but it seems pretty clear that UPS ground is a deathtrap
  7. Mooley

    Reflected Light

    I like the juxtaposition in the third where you have the cheesy unicorn freedom pose thing on the wall going with a person cowering in their bed sheets, but I don't find the first two as interesting.
  8. Mooley


    I kind of agree here. It's nice sometimes to get extra clarity, like the detail in the water coming through in the edit - but in this case I was kind of feeling the haziness in the original. When it's edited and you can see that rock (or whatever) that she's standing on more clearly it becomes a lot less interesting to me, without that kind of adrift greyness that seems appropriate for a photo like that. So I second the foggy reshoot suggestion.
  9. Mooley

    Art School

    Don't think about it like you're going to lock yourself into something for the rest of your life. Nobody does the same thing for 40 years, just about everyone has multiple careers by the time things are said and done. I think the best route for someone in your position to take is just to think about what you're passionate about and what's practical, and then work something out from there. A lot of it comes down to just thinking about what field is actually interesting enough to you that you'll be ready and willing to learn the new skills and apply yourself wherever necessary to get where you want to be.
  10. Mooley

    Film For Sale!

    I might take one of the packs off your hands if the price is right. What price were you thinking?
  11. Mooley

    Fs: Xbox 360 Games

    Would you sell UFC on its own?
  12. Mooley

    Sundown And Smith Grinds

    I'm not sure the rule of thirds helped you at all here. The sun is more of a distraction than anything, and like Hellyer said, there are other distractions to boot. I feel like a cleaner comp here with a rimlight could be wonderful. If you have the option of moving left and shooting it more perpendicular I'd recommend trying it.
  13. Mooley


    I really like the first one, it's just so atypical. The way he's sitting, how cramped everything is, the business of your composition, it's on point.
  14. Mooley

    London And My Grandfather

    I like the first but it's unfortunate that for all the symmetry there that one tree has to creep out further and kinda wreck everything. Second one is a solid portrait. Old man in the armchair, very grandfatherly and natural. And the detail in his face is quite striking.
  15. Mooley

    Mall Grab Shipped

    Got mine today, #14. So hyped on it, just watched and enjoyed the commentary version. So entertaining