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  1. Hah, yeah it's a ton of fun. We make 82HP (475lb car -> 0-60 in 3.0s)
  2. Anybody in the LA area should check out the FSAE competition at Fontana next week. I'll be competing with the Univ. of Illinois. I'd suggest you go Friday or/and Saturday, as those are the days of the dynamic events (aka races) more info: http://students.sae.org/competitions/formulaseries/west/ Photos of our team: https://picasaweb.google.com/11468266032726...2011ByJasonLee# Photos from Michigan competition in May http://www.jasonmungerphotography.com/Spor...9022850_fVRQzFP
  3. Yes, but only because you said no one would know-implying that I would not know/have to live with it. So effectively someone I do not like would disappear from my life, and I have no problem with that
  4. G27 comes with the wheel, pedal box (clutch, brake and throttle) as well as a bit of a dinky H-pattern. The wheel has paddle shifters though, and that is what most use. Trust me you can learn a lot on these things but one thing that isn't worth wasting your time with is learning to drive a stick shift. You should definitely run a manual transmission but just use the paddles. With the H-pattern there is no clutch or gearbox feel so it just isn't worth it.
  5. added you as a friend on iracing Steve, we should run some laps sometime I run mostly the spec miata's (doing nvidia cup right now) because I can't really get myself to throw more money at the thing just yet, but I've got my eyes on the star mazda's
  6. you think lotus is about looks? about power? handling>horsepower the formula car i work on barely makes 80hp...probably not enough to tickle your fancy, but at 500lbs with a well designed suspension, i've never driven anything more exciting in my life the appeal of a lotus is unquestionable in my mind
  7. A solid argument. I think it's great. Sure it is a little dry sometimes, but the hosts are still developing their personalities. Have you seen season 1 of Top Gear UK? Excited for Kid Rock next week
  8. Sormaz

    Macbook's Being Laggy

    1. Reinstall flash. 2. It's a laptop
  9. http://www.google.com/search?q=wizard+cons...lient=firefox-a
  10. Sormaz

    Extern Harddrive Broken!

    pull the drive and hook it up like an internal. chances are the drive itself is fine and the chines casing circuitry is fucked