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  1. Sepehr


    lay off the highpass filter or whatever you're doing to all your pics
  2. Sepehr

    Gayyyyy Styyyyyyyrrrrrlll

    you still crushin!
  3. Sepehr

    The Niiiiiight They Drove Old Dixie Down

    I just hope they don't take a leaf from Polaroid's book...
  4. Sepehr


    Im a huge fan of your work With that said, I think I would appreciate these a ton more if I was looking at a big print infront of me to let me get lost in the details. I wonder what the 1st would look like in b/w with an orange filter
  5. Sepehr

    Nyc + Mamiya 6

    Do you bracket? I think you could have afforded an extra stop on the 1st and last ones. And if not, at least you would have seen what the possibilites are, I can't make anything except the Chrysler building out (mostly). With that said, at this exposure, the comp is too loose, the left and bottom edges are just distractions. The middle one, is a bit confusing I dont know where to look, there is potential there, but not sure what. I just saw Andrew's post, and I disagree about the underexposed portions, I did forget to mention the light on the building wall in the 1st is excellent. But then it could be said the colors are too cool, because the sun on a building like that in real life would be so warm to see. Not too many pics on here evoke such a discussion so i would say these are successful in the true sense of photo critique.
  6. Sepehr

    What Did You Get For Christmas?

    Dude I usually get socks and stuff but this year I felt even more blessed. I got an iphone, jawbone jambox, some money, barbour quilted jacket. I wasn't expecting more than omega-3 supplements and maybe an external harddrive.
  7. Sepehr


    If these are digital, then I hold strong to the fact that the highlights on her in the first are lost in digital hell. That first image is why film is still amazing. I think boarding school when I see these, I like her expression in the second one, its a strong image.
  8. Sepehr

    2 From The Streets

    ya that makes sense, I chose these 2 specifically because its a pair of back shots, but also, because there is an element being shown in front of them that'd id miss if i was on the their other side. The narrow street corridor and where she's going to explore and the blur of the bus on #2. Does that change anything? Thanks for the input. the humans aren't necessarily the subject, but rather their relationship to their surroundings.
  9. Sepehr

    2 From The Streets

    Neopan 400 one here one there. Bonus I really want to improve in terms of street photography, so give me some critique.
  10. Sepehr

    P+s Cameras With Manual Focus Option

    Guess that shit!
  11. Sepehr

    Storing Film

    i believe so, but im pretty sure if the film isnt expired its okay for a few months, Ive been researching it lately and it takes a lot of time before color shifts and it becomes more sensitive. I'm slowly thinking that keeping film cold is becoming more a marketing term (in freezer since I bought it!) when it comes to selling expired film.
  12. Sepehr

    P+s Cameras With Manual Focus Option

    Can't one throw a Contax T2 into manual focus?
  13. Sepehr

    Film For Sale!

    Feeler: I have: 22x Kodak Porta 160nc 220 expired 2006ish 22x Kodak e100gx 220 expired 2006ish ~3x of e200 220 expired as well
  14. Sepehr

    Iphone Photography

    Hahaha, through the heart! I have both those. my 2 cents on it though is I'd rather just see the picture without all that fake hdr and holga bs, maybe some slight vig at best. It is annoying, to an extent, but youtube and camera phones are so sick. You see things that would never have been imaginable. Whether that exposure is good for humanity in the long run is a different story but in the now its amazing. I think justifying it as art is a bit silly, though. Its just fun. thats what your professor should discuss: the social implications of this discreet technology.
  15. Sepehr

    Acura Integra Gsr On Ccw Lm16

    throw a white board on the back corner so it doesnt get lost in the background, but Im not sure what angle it would need to be at to not be seen in reflection. And its too sharp. I really like the angle and the sheen on the main part of the car.