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  1. Bentonville park. Check it out. http://vimeo.com/m/76839997
  2. https://vimeo.com/m/76839997
  3. Are you still selling anything bundle? If so, how low would you go on the t2i or rokinon because i found a t2i with kit for 450 new so I think 500 is a little unreasonable! But yeah PM me just hit me some prices and I will let you know.
  4. Abruptarts

    Film Burning A Title

    go in the compostion and click alpha matte on the text or inverted alpha not sure which one
  5. Abruptarts

    Footage Inside Titles?

    have you tried going into after effects and on the side in your compostion click alpha inverted map or alpha I forgot which one
  6. Abruptarts

    Does Anyone Know How To Do This?

    What they probably did is mask the object. Put a ramp underneath it and animate the gradient.
  7. Abruptarts

    Af Problem

    Did you export it? What exact problem are you having? Is it crashing, giving you an error?
  8. Is the Canon Gl2 selling at all. I wanted to sell it but first I have to get it serviced for 450. Is it worth it??