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  1. ParkerWGB

    Fs Nose & Fs Crook

    crook looks awesome.
  2. ParkerWGB

    Hvx200 Century Fisheye Mod

    Pretty sure you need a step down ring 82mm to 72mm
  3. Who knows. Its a sad next couple years. Cory is one of the nicest dudes ever.
  4. ParkerWGB

    Living in Hong Kong

    These are so sick Three Dollars?! jealous. They look pretty solid
  5. ParkerWGB

    VX1000 Blue Haze

    all of this. For real on the white balance. I always white balance off the ground and it turns out fine, never done it off paper or a white shirt or anything.
  6. ParkerWGB

    Firewire Thunderbolt adapter

    I don't believe this will work..
  7. not cool, goob i enjoy this place
  8. ParkerWGB

    VX1000 history.

    legendary read
  9. ParkerWGB

    Lettuce discuss: ogmike the MVP

    dude is a pimp
  10. ParkerWGB


    you wish buddy. Check the forums everyday
  11. ParkerWGB

    gap wall ride

    noah holmes gap to wall ride from bump n grind by kevin stake shot on a nikon f3 https://bumpngrind.bigcartel.com/
  12. ParkerWGB

    MFW I remember my SP password.

    was a good day once i remembered mine
  13. ParkerWGB

    SP Montage - Interested?

    yo lemme send some footage ya ways! who ever is taking care of this
  14. ill make sure that can happen
  15. ParkerWGB

    bs air

    naw just from up top. After you saying that I really should have but didn't.