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  1. SP Montage - Interested?

    yea most def split it between the two. Good thinking
  2. VX1k - MK1 vignetting aligment

    You really can't do much. Out of the 7 vx's I have owned I have never had "perfect" vig..
  3. Vx1000 60fps

    sick thank you! Might mess around with that and test some stuff out. Thank you!
  4. Vx1000 60fps

    always wondered how to make it a little larger then 4x3. Not quite stretched but in the middle.
  5. 50 up and over, fs slide, bs crooks

    first photo is super sick dude
  6. Quickstream recorder

    strange day to be a vx filmer. Never thought I would see this.
  7. VX or HD

    I have never seen anything like that video you linked before.. That was something I never thought was possible. But about the SD vs HD thing. It all depends on what you like. I like vx but eventually I would like to own an extreme set up one of these days along side with my vx.
  8. Post Your Setup!

    god damn shes a pretty one. Eventually I am trying to get ahold of this set up!
  9. No comply wallie barrier

    beast photo. feels bad about the fish.. But sick photo for sure
  10. fuck yea tanner. sick edit g
  11. VX1/Cap cam glitching

    Yea I was going to say that looks pretty buck. Dirty as hell!
  12. MK1 or xtreme

    Someone from slap is selling one right now on ebay, Its 500 right now
  13. damn def going to order this guy!
  14. Scanner for 35mm

    Been looking around also. Heard really good things about epson series of scanners. Wish you could buy a pakon for cheap..