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  1. ParkerWGB

    VX9000/DSR200AP- viable vx alternative?

    that thing is sick. Always wanted to pick one up
  2. ParkerWGB

    Who has a "job" that's filming?

    Never really thought of that. Kinda a good idea. Sounds kinda buck hahah. Thanks for the info!
  3. ParkerWGB

    VHS Fisheye

    a shit ton of step up/down rings.
  4. ParkerWGB

    vx1000 footage upscale to 720p

    Wow. This tops it. This is def the best quality I have ever seen on a vx.
  5. beautiful set up
  6. ParkerWGB


    no one haterz
  7. the slap people don't like us SP people..
  8. ParkerWGB

    WTB dvx100

    hey nice name. But try ebay they pop up often.
  9. ParkerWGB

    opteka baby death modification for phones

    wow that looks insane haha. As far as I know I don't think they make an app for that or anything related.
  10. ParkerWGB


  11. ParkerWGB

    Back Lip

    love the colors. Looks sick !
  12. ParkerWGB

    Hpx170 questions

    Yea I have heard this. Don't export it in 60 frames. Also to add. Does anyone have any good scene files? I just got a hvx and don't really have any good scene files..
  13. ParkerWGB

    Some new ones

    Back lip looks super nice love the framing and colors. Smith looks really good also, just the homie in the background with his phone out kills it for me. agreed. Wish the forum was popping off still. Maybe one day it will again?
  14. ParkerWGB

    WTT VX1000 4 HVX/HPX

    PM ME