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  1. ParkerWGB

    opteka baby death modification for phones

    wow that looks insane haha. As far as I know I don't think they make an app for that or anything related.
  2. ParkerWGB


  3. ParkerWGB

    Back Lip

    love the colors. Looks sick !
  4. ParkerWGB

    Hpx170 questions

    Yea I have heard this. Don't export it in 60 frames. Also to add. Does anyone have any good scene files? I just got a hvx and don't really have any good scene files..
  5. ParkerWGB

    Some new ones

    Back lip looks super nice love the framing and colors. Smith looks really good also, just the homie in the background with his phone out kills it for me. agreed. Wish the forum was popping off still. Maybe one day it will again?
  6. ParkerWGB

    WTT VX1000 4 HVX/HPX

    PM ME
  7. Hey I got a minty VX1000 that my buddy just fixed. Have not used it once. Shoot me a PM
  8. ParkerWGB

    good vx battery?

    Look at the difference between these two batteries. The first one has those slots/creases on the top and the sides. The second image doesn't have those slots/creases. THIS one you do not want to buy. I accidentally bought the 2nd image one. And I had to take off the top of the battery housing. So it showed the actual battery cells. Hope that isn't confusing.
  9. ParkerWGB

    good vx battery?

    I have a few of these ones https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00RKVDTNC/?coliid=I1P61M3SYQ1B3N&colid=2VLCIRJNY9CP7&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it I remember I ordered a few off amazon. And they didn't have that little crease on the side. And all I did was take the battery apart so you could see the actual battery. And it worked. So watch out for that.
  10. ParkerWGB

    WTB Broken vx1000

    tons on ebay if you can't find anyone on here.
  11. ParkerWGB

    WTB: vx1000 (preferably japanese)

    i just hit up my homie. Think he has one
  12. ParkerWGB

    curb cut to motorbike

    damn that turned out so sick!
  13. ParkerWGB

    Fs Nose & Fs Crook

    crook looks awesome.
  14. ParkerWGB

    Hvx200 Century Fisheye Mod

    Pretty sure you need a step down ring 82mm to 72mm
  15. Who knows. Its a sad next couple years. Cory is one of the nicest dudes ever.