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  1. I just think SP (sean pablo) is fucking outta control. Way over rated
  2. super trending man.
  3. wassup

    welcome back my boys
  4. Frontside Flip

    the colors look sick!
  5. Backside 5050 rail

    love the framing. Looks super sick. The headphones on his part. wack

    this is true. The switch from opteka to a mark 1 is so much clearer. If you put a clip side by side you can tell the difference between them. The glass on the opteka isn't as nice.

  8. VX1000 color/shadow problem

    looks like you need to smack that bitch on the side.
  9. WTT VX1000 4 HVX/HPX

    Title says it all. Trade MINT vx1000 for a hpx or a hvx I got a really minty vx1000 that I have not even touched since it was fixed. Friend over at the shop gave her a really nice tune up. Tons of new parts and now it has been collecting dust. I am really trying to get an HPX for a trade, but if I can't i will settle on a hvx. I can provide photos and a list of parts if someone is actually interested. Let me know. Thanks
  10. this would b tiiiiightttttt
  11. Filming at night

    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004TJ6JH6/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 fits a vx battery
  12. Sup?

    bless you and thank you
  13. Ig: Following "deathlens-fish-sales"

    never bought anything from these dudes but when its time I will.
  14. Panasonic HMC150 for sale

    trade for a vx1000 MINT?
  15. Firewire Thunderbolt adapter

    I know few people that do it and have no problems.
  16. Anomaly Issue 1

    2nd one is beast. framing fantastic
  17. Japanese Vx1000 problem

    You can use a pair of tweezers or a pair of really pointed needle nose pliers to eject her outta there. Not sure about the black viewfinder.
  18. just a tailslide

    I was looking at your tumblr and noticed you filmed caddywhompus I meet dallas out here in hawaii when I first moved here. Pretty random haha/
  19. just a tailslide

    framing is so sick on this one. Purpleish colors also look so sick. Nice job
  20. PUBG

    Used to play it a ton on pc. But been playing a new game called battalion 1942.
  21. The New SPPhotoDudes Instagram Hype Train

    true that. Such a sick photographer
  22. Varial Heel - 5 flat 5

    so sick man. Love the sky