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  1. ParkerWGB

    Firewire Thunderbolt adapter

    I don't believe this will work..
  2. not cool, goob i enjoy this place
  3. ParkerWGB

    VX1000 history.

    legendary read
  4. ParkerWGB

    gap wall ride

    noah holmes gap to wall ride from bump n grind by kevin stake shot on a nikon f3 https://bumpngrind.bigcartel.com/
  5. ParkerWGB

    Lettuce discuss: ogmike the MVP

    dude is a pimp
  6. ParkerWGB


    you wish buddy. Check the forums everyday
  7. ParkerWGB

    MFW I remember my SP password.

    was a good day once i remembered mine
  8. ParkerWGB

    SP Montage - Interested?

    yo lemme send some footage ya ways! who ever is taking care of this
  9. ill make sure that can happen
  10. ParkerWGB

    bs air

    simon bannerot back side air bonsai once again having trouble deciding what one looks best. I recently put down the vx and picked up a nikon f3 with a 16mm f2.8 fisheye. Trying the photo stuff for a bit.
  11. ParkerWGB

    bs air

    naw just from up top. After you saying that I really should have but didn't.
  12. ParkerWGB


    framing and colors look super sick man. Sick shot
  13. ParkerWGB


    What yall think of these two? Have not decided what one i like better shot on a nikon f3 with a 50mm
  14. ParkerWGB

    JVC GY-LS300

    jesus that fish is so wide
  15. ParkerWGB

    VX1000 Blue Haze

    turn down your exposure!!!
  16. ParkerWGB


    wow. Such sick framing, colors, reflection from the other ledge looks so good also
  17. ParkerWGB

    JVC GY-LS300

    looks pretty sick. Wonder what fisheye would look best on that puppu
  18. ParkerWGB

    Need a new bag

    Hey all, I recently just picked up a hvx200 and it won’t fit in my current bag. I carry around my vx1 my Nikon f3 in this burton bag I have right now. It’s a pretty tight fit already. I was wondering if anyone could point me in a good direction for a new bag, that will hold tapes, fisheye, vx1000, hvx200, Nikon f3. Basically everything I own in one bag. I was looking at the Ty Evans Ogio bag? Can’t seem to find any for sale. Let me know thanks.
  19. ParkerWGB

    Need a new bag

    Yea that is the one I have. Fits two vx's perfect. It is super nice. I have had it for like 3 or so years now. Just need to upgrade to something bigger now for all of my shit haha.
  20. You gotta put that feather on it. It will blend in much better.
  21. ParkerWGB

    Idk about y'all...

    goob off the rocker
  22. ParkerWGB

    Stylus Epic

    love my stylus. I don't have the epic but the stylus mju2 the little brother. Such a good camera. such sick shots also
  23. ParkerWGB

    Fuck this place.

    I am on slap. But yea slap is pretty burnt..
  24. ParkerWGB

    Working the line.

    2nd photo is sick my g. steam from the pot looks dope