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  1. i have just one or two 4x5shots in the internet because of a problem with a scanner but now I have a screen Cézanne.
  2. they looks good but they have a bad flash duration
  3. good day, I shot with a Hasselblad and an intrepid 4x5. I use two lumedyne action packs with 400ws but I want to minimize my setup for trips. I think about using some compact flashes like Nikon sb 24. but I need flashes with power like the action packs and a flash duration with 1/1500 or more. have you any tips ? I think to use 4 compact flashes instead of 2 lumedyne. is it possible? greetings from Germany
  4. janR

    The Large Format Thread

    nice do you shoot large format for skateboarding too?
  5. janR

    To bring it back

    like the first one and the contrast
  6. janR

    Crook, Kickflip, Lip

    the crooks is really great
  7. janR

    bs noseblunt

    http://Benien - bs noseblunt by Jan Rehermann, auf Flickr hasselblad 500c/m shoot on kodak tmax100 film in Sarajevo click on the photo for sharp version
  8. janR

    Ron- Front Feeble- LA

    looks great