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  1. ye I`m being old and boring.
  2. Dedicated to all those random characters at Love. And remember..........dont spit your mouthwash out....swallow it.
  3. Metal Sandwich

  4. Bone Heads Full Movie (hentai)

    Codeine and maple syrup
  5. Asdf

    Not bad but dont know about the quick zooming in and out, it was cool just slow mo.
  6. Just have fun and skate, you dont have to use every weed reference in the book to act cool or use hours of pointless stock footage for a montage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKCf1zGo3Ik
  7. "tropical Depression" Vhs Montage

    Really sick man (Y). Gives me that vice city vibe : D
  8. Vx1000 Settings Improvement Montage

    Nice settings but I think it doesnt work on the low sun clips, the settings make it too dark then. Loved the edit and the fast foward mixing middle scene.
  9. Mountain Spots And Backyard Bowls

    Ye was really good fun, except for the Sheep sh*t everywhere.