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  1. hit me with your rhythm stick

  2. 35mm Skateboarding

    Shanghai Gp3 B&w Film?

  3. 35mm Skateboarding


    I'm not going to post an image, but check this out, tell me what you think! http://img21.imageshack.us/img21/2839/smithx.jpg
  4. 35mm Skateboarding

    Wallride In Tunnel - D300s

    I'm confused as to why you'd shoot this at ISO1000? and f2.2? I Hope to god you aren't using a light meter to get those calculations. When you did get those settings however, did you feel it was essential to blow out the wall, losing most of the detail in your partner's legs/board? Please don't come onto a critique forum and say this. You could have easily gotten them to stand out of the frame, guarding the flash.
  5. 35mm Skateboarding

    Did You Know?

    Quote of the entire thread. Kudos, Sir!
  6. 35mm Skateboarding

    1d Mark 1 Or 1d Mark 2?

    I'm backing the 1D's quality too, unless you've had one, you can't comment on how it bring images home!
  7. 35mm Skateboarding

    Just Won This For 8 Pounds, Is It Any Good?

    Auto flashes aren't going to do you any favours if you are shooting them off camera. They won't have any manual controls for power, and will almost definitely change output each flash. That is the worst advice given in this thread.
  8. 35mm Skateboarding

    Bronica Sq-a Magazine

    There is a lock on the bottom side of the back (Magazine) that won't let you remove it unless the darkslide is in the right way.. There should be a circle at the top of your darkslide and a circle on the body to match it up with.
  9. 35mm Skateboarding

    Protect Ya Neck.

    Damn son, diggin' deep!
  10. 35mm Skateboarding

    Stephen Shore Already Did It.

    Obviously you don't look hard enough.
  11. 35mm Skateboarding

    More Fiske

    Closer on the second and you're golden! Lighting is lovely, just wishing for a touch more ambient..
  12. 35mm Skateboarding

    Protect Ya Neck.

    Front Blunt. Oldie, not sure if I'd posted this before? Hope to get some legit crits here.. Step up your game kiddies! Timmy. xo
  13. 35mm Skateboarding

    Back Smith

    I find it punchier like this.. but that might just be me.
  14. 35mm Skateboarding

    I Did Not Vote For Obama

    I'd prefer see the house level straight tbh. PS: Tyler's a bit slow on this one?
  15. 35mm Skateboarding

    Bryan Brown

    First of all, when you post photos up in the gallery, please remember to resize to 710pixels (largest side).. Since it's your first post, I've done it for you. The rest of the rules can be found here Apart from that, just shoot as much as you can, and think about what you put here for critique. Too many people put everything they ever shoot on here, and get blasted for not picking their absolute best. There's a bunch of people here that really know what they are talking about, so don't hesitate to seek them out and ask some questions. Have a good read through the photo discussion section, learn some stuff and welcome to SP!