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  1. Trippy Yet Frequent Vx1000 Look

    Sounds like a load of shit, have any ideas how to set up my camera though?
  2. Trippy Yet Frequent Vx1000 Look

    Why not just put vaseline straight on the fisheye?
  3. Trippy Yet Frequent Vx1000 Look

    Seriously, thats it?
  4. Trippy Yet Frequent Vx1000 Look

    Before i start the settings on my vx1000 are usually (on sunny days) shutter speed 1000 f-stop 8 - 11 colour level and sharpness all the way up and the neutral density filter is off. I am seeing frequently in other filmers footage a noticable "pop" of the skater from the back ground which is usually chactorized by a vibrant border around the skater with a blurry or just low quality look that fills the skaters body. I have seen this happen mostly when the background is whited out whether it be an overcast day or the camera is taking in too much light and the whole shot is on blast. Any help to how i could set my camera up to acheive this look is greatly appreciated. If you dont know what im talking about watch cuddybuddy by snotjob as that is the best example I can find.
  5. lol try reading the description....
  6. Who Wore It Best

    jesse gets top place with beiber as a close second, sabrina gets major originality points though
  7. Flvx Trailer X July Edit

    damn that was tight except.... was that dubstep?
  8. Villa Again

    that front feeb was fuckin nice
  9. I've Been Sitting On These Clips For Awhile

    i sit on all my clips for at least 3 months because thats how we fuckin do in south bronx
  10. Vx1000 Weird Glitch

    hey this is irrelevant to the topic but on your video entitled josh brodie-jap dog-re-edit" how did you do the title effect when his name is written then scratched out?
  11. Hasselblad 500 C/m & Vx2100

    mega douche move bro!! but yeah gotta keep that puppy on ice!
  12. Grant Skatepark Chicago - Spring 2015

    that dude, you know the guy im talking about, is fucked~~
  13. Devin Bagnoli

    i appreciate the homage to a traditional lurk nyc intro, keep doing you.