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  1. bent

    Best Skateboarding I Have Ever Seen

    Is there anywhere to watch it?
  2. bent

    Mamiya C330 / Self Developed Kodak Ektar 100

    Theres a photoshop plugin called colorneg, get it. Best thing ever for processing color negative film.
  3. bent


    This is sick, the only thing that bugs me is the windells banner.
  4. bent

    Getting Sharp Scans

    I scan at 3200dpi on the V700, the scanners really only capable of about 2400dpi but you have to scan at a higher dpi to get there. Same rule applies for basically all affordable scanners except the coolscans.
  5. bent

    5d Vs. 1ds?

    5D's are going for $450-$600 on ebay. If you want to try full frame on a budget thats where its at.
  6. bent

    360 Flip Up A Doubleset

    I like everything about it.
  7. Yeah, still not as bad as Jeremy Rogers though, but getting there.
  8. bent

    Fs Blunts In The Deep End

    Rad, looks huge, nice angle.
  9. bent

    Zak Miller - Switch Ollie

    Looks like a front 360, Other then that its cool.
  10. bent

    Pretty Sweet

    I still haven't seen this shit.
  11. bent

    Maple Black Cat

    I got that shit, fucking classic. I'd put it on the internet but no idea how to considering its VHS.
  12. bent

    Nikon D5100 Vs. Canon 600d

    Also consider the gh2, its an awesome camera for the money.
  13. bent

    The D-slr Netjiot.

    Try hyperfocal focusing or zone focusing, you will need to stop the lens down, but maybe not a whole lot at 17mm, as joey said, try it out.