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  1. jeffcecere

    Heatwave Promo

    1st promo for my next full-length film.
  2. Available at 561 skateboarding and online at www.psychosisvideo.bigcartel.com for $10!
  3. jeffcecere

    Hd // Nick Delliagtti

    Its called, "Play your Part part 2" by girl talk! They're a really good music group listen to one of their albums they've got real good skate music.
  4. First actual HD video. Tell me what ya think.
  5. jeffcecere

    Mixing Vx And Hd

    In Since Day One it's a mix of half hd and half sd, if your using final cut and your settings are already preset to hd, the vx footage wouldn't look too bad.
  6. jeffcecere

    Psychosis Promo

    Old shitty promo but hopefully will be posting new one.
  7. jeffcecere

    Streak In Vx1000 Footage

    Sounds like a mech problem, might want to send it to kerry at video electronics. Could just be a loose ccd cable.
  8. jeffcecere

    Vx2000 Trade.

    Ill trade! I have a vx2000 and I would like to have a vx1000