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    Veer Dvd’s

    tampa crew right? you got any ben eubank footy in there?
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    i think he already shit on it a while ago
  3. Glad to see this forum is back, I got tired of Slap a while ago. Here's the last thing I made, hope you guys dig it. This was all filmed during a 6 day trip in July
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  5. TheMannytee


    thanks g!
  6. TheMannytee

    Nose Slide Pop Out

    shot from behind the scenes bonus ollie: https://www.flickr.com/photos/fettuccinealfredo/27171477026/in/dateposted-public/
  7. TheMannytee

    Thoughts About Nike Sb?

    i think it's been posted
  8. TheMannytee

    Thoughts About Nike Sb?

    if you wanna know more about it read this, it's about my local shop and their issues with nike http://www.skateboardstory.com/interviews/ed-selego/
  9. TheMannytee

    Thoughts About Nike Sb?

    i used to not care.. but recently nike threw my local skateshop into so much debt that it's a wonder they're even still running after firing everyone and shutting down one of their locations. they do seedy corporate shit to skateshops, and don't care to help em. Fuck nike and fuck the corrupt capitalism that's killing skateboarding
  10. you get what you get if you thinkin with cha dick.. mfc means youre thinkin witcha head...
  11. TheMannytee

    Hogs Out

    somewhere in midtown
  12. TheMannytee

    Hogs Out

    first photos ive shot in a year shot on very shitty film because film prices are heavily fucked now pretty sure my camera's light meter is busted in order: nollie back 180, nose manny, nollie nose manny
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    Here Goes Nothin

    thanks g!
  14. TheMannytee

    Here Goes Nothin

    other things
  15. TheMannytee

    Mico 4/3 Fisheye

    spooky black fisheye
  16. my girl and i broke up cause she kept hangin out with her ex, at some points more than with me. same girl that wanted me to be jealous
  17. i mean, as far as i know i wasnt a very jealous person until this one chick beat it into me. i was super chill about her having guy friends and one day she freaked out and told me that if i didnt start being jealous she would leave me. and then i went insane
  18. TheMannytee

    Does Anyone Remember Kyran Ford?

    i was in one of michelle's videos so i'd say im killin it pretty hard too
  19. this all depends on how your significant other feels, but if theyre the jealous type then it for sure would make them feel like shit that youre close friends with an ex. of course if you and your ex are like best friends from a long time ago or what not you can set boundaries n all that jam n she might get over it but if its not the case all you end up doing is torturing her. youre not actually doing anything wrong and you're completely in the right if you wanna be good friends with an ex but it has its consequences
  20. TheMannytee

    Does Anyone Remember Kyran Ford?

    kyran follows me on instagram so we're doin alright