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  1. So, I used my bootcamp windows and imported via sony vegas and it works FLAWLESSLY, so it was most definitely a software issue. what i had found out using a CPU/RAM usage meter, my OSX was using up 60% of total RAM (4gb) and thats what was making my computer so slow as oppose to the windows operating system only using 15% of the RAM. so to solve this issue so i don't have to keep switching between mac and windows to import/edit i bought 8 gb of RAM and now have 12gb i no longer have issues with importing my footage! So for any users looking at this with the same issue as me. UPGRADE
  2. Well, I have the newest version of FCPX (which is nice by the way) I tried your method of optimizing my computers speed by closing all the apps. tried importing, still getting the same issues. Sucks, but i guess ill just have to deal with it. This doesn't happen with my HDRFX7 footage. only the VX
  3. Awesome alright, Ill try it out, and maybe buy some RAM while I'm at it.
  4. Closing every app didn't work, maybe upgrading the amount of RAM in my mac could help. I probably should purchase fcpx as well. I appreciate the tips, I'm gonna try some stuff then
  5. ill try it out right now and let you know, that sounds like it could work.
  6. Did you ever figure out the issue?
  7. Yeah it does exactly that
  8. Im using fcpx and i tried fcp7 when i used final cut 7 it just says error reading the tape rather than splitting the clips.
  9. I've been filming for a very long time, and a lot with my vx1000, I had just sent it out about a month ago to video electronics to get it repaired. (Broken VAP, dirty heads, broken viewfinder cable, sketchy tape deck) It was definitely worth the money to repair it, but when I got my vx back i was having the same issues with glitching when i imported footage, its not a visual glitch where theres distortion in the footage or audio glitching, its literally like the my footage is clipping itself into pieces so, the end result when importing is about 50 segments to one clip. Its really annoying and even if i merge the clips into 1 they have a lag to them and skip. I had contacted kerry about it because obviously I'm upset about paying so much money to get a camera back with the same issues, and he had said that it sounded like a software issue and i should hit up the forums to see who could help. So just taking a shot in the dark here, thanks guys ahead of time. - Kyle
  10. Elykbass

    Naugatuck Skatepark

    HD film burns, haters gonna hate
  11. Elykbass

    Naugatuck Skatepark

    I honestly cant tell you why it does that, I think its the way the light hits the inside of the lens, but maybe thats just me *edit* actually maybe its because my lens isnt on tight enough so theres just enough room between the threads to wobble....
  12. Elykbass

    Naugatuck Skatepark

    Couldn't tell ya, I didnt choose their outfit for the day haha.
  13. I have a series of park montages I do on my channel, this is my 4th and favorite one. Hit me with the feedback guys, I want to hear some critique. I filmed this with my Sony HDR-FX7 Opteka .3x 52mm Fisheye Edited with FCPX PS. No steady shot isnt on, my camera makes footage appear as if steady shot is on.
  14. Elykbass

    Vx1000 Head Issues?

    Yeah I figured as much, wish I had another vx1000 to use haha
  15. Alright, so I already plan on getting this fixed at VE but I just need to be sure this is a dirty heads issue, its super annoying im sure you guys can imagine, some clips are worse than others. but check out this little clip i filmed at my park. i guess its hard to tell but when im importing the clips split into a million pieces, and i have to turn them into a compound clip on FCP, this clip looks alright, but some get terrible and its like a constant warping.