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  1. ziggys91

    just a tailslide

    nice one! like the framing and cool you're shooting skate photos with the mju(it's a mju right?)
  2. ziggys91

    Asher Stringer - bs tailside

    Clean yo sensor!
  3. ziggys91

    Anomaly Issue 1

    Love the second one, dead center!
  4. ziggys91

    To bring it back

    Love the second one, first seems a little too staged
  5. i really dig these more snapshot kinda photo's
  6. ziggys91

    Some dutch architecture for you guys

    where you based man? saw you in that per se video
  7. An ode to the tealight
  8. Some haven't been published yet so skateperception exclusive, some tricks are also to be seen in my 'Likkie Wax' video PS. What a fancy system to upload photo's not like the old SP in any way Glen Fox - Frontside noseslide Rob Maatman - fs 5-0 180 Jip Koorevaar - Bennet Turtle Productions' Fabi - Boneless Justin Wagener - Crookbonk Nick Bax - FS Wallride Tobias van Rooij - Switch Fs Nosegrind
  9. ziggys91

    Ron- Front Feeble- LA

    love the front feeble!
  10. ziggys91

    3 year break - 3 photos

    I would love to see more of that fs biggie type of photo's up here, so good!
  11. just get a vx1k, hmc40 and a mk1 and you're settled for both hd and sd
  12. ziggys91

    Copenhagen footplant

    Thanks for the feedback! I really like the x100 but it's weird timing wise because it has some sort of lag compared to an actual dslr, I usually grab the d700 for skate shots
  13. ziggys91

    Copenhagen footplant

    This was last year during the CPH Open shot with my fuji x100
  14. ziggys91

    The New SPPhotoDudes Instagram Hype Train

  15. ziggys91

    Random Photo Discussion

    Thanks for bringing it back, this is awesome