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  1. i just downloaded instagram this week ha late to the game
  2. wouldn't that be like Not making moves though, more like falling off the grid rather than of taking shit over
  3. kalivar

    On Some Real Shit

    every year i seriously consider getting a van and living in it, it would totally work for me except for the fact i wouldn't have anywhere to take the ladies at the end of the night. thats literally the only deal breaker in my book
  4. family tricking me into thinking sweet potato pie was pumpkin pie and i puked too, minor yet very important difference between the two. i hate sweet potato pie to this day.
  5. the guy at the grocery store giving me a habanero and then a thing a milk
  6. shit is pretty good distraction since its been raining so much, and i get to talk to my friends in other states http://pokemon-revolution-online.net/
  7. god what a terrible culture
  8. if you think govt is too big why would you want them stepping in with all these social programs, thats a contradiction
  9. in most cases humble people are well liked by others, but don't always get what they want or wont properly express their feelings to get what they want
  10. put yourself out there on craigslist and try a few gigs eventually maybe you get enough good shots for a reel, thats a good start right? im no professional
  11. been working on this for a while with my good friend, any critique would be nice. its the first real part i've ever filmed. i'm really hyped and it means alot to both of us. some mutual friends even got it posted on low card magazine for us http://www.lowcardmag.com/video/andy-ashburn/
  12. kalivar

    Dirty Room

    its more of a tragedy, thanks
  13. kalivar

    Dirty Room

    ever feeling lonely? start moving empty beers and say hello to the creatures living inside. never alone
  14. kalivar

    Dirty Room

    see how full you can get the ashtray with butts before emptying it
  15. whos got more fruit flies? i think im winning