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  1. Hey guys, I recently shot this piece on Van Styles' photography, and thought you'd be interested. Alongside it, I designed a leather wrist strap for rangefinders & smaller cameras - made by hand in the USA. Thanks for checking. http://castequality.com/
  2. ZanderT

    Bs 180 Nosegrind

    thanks man - nobody is stopping you!
  3. ZanderT

    What Should I Do Differently

    shoot it square fish and your centered vertical fish would look golden
  4. ZanderT

    Bs 180 Nosegrind

    comp is good for this spot but some harsher lighting to make him pop would help IMO... hit it with some rim, and probs a flash on the ground on the other side of the railing at the top would really make him sharpen up.
  5. ZanderT

    Adam Hribar - Front Crook Shuv In Philly.

    haha - they are just lights... long exposure thx dudes.
  6. winter 2012. Adam Hribar - fs crook shuv. by Zander Taketomo, on Flickr
  7. Mamiya 7ii/80mm, Hasselblad 2003fcw, Contax T2 FOR SALE by Zander Taketomo, on Flickr All of this equipment is 100% in working order. Mamiya 7ii & 80mm - Mint condition. As good as it gets for a used camera. Everything works great, rangefinder accurate, hotshoe works with flashes... The optics are incomparable, amazing for portraits. I hate to let this one go but I haven't had use for it in my bag and instead would rather invest in stuff I'll use more. Looking for $1850 INCLUDES includes mamiya camera strap includes mamiya 7ii box. lens & body caps Contax T2, Dark Grey - Also mint condition, with the exception of a few subtle burn marks in the flash (very typical/expected for this camera,) though flash still works perfectly - does not effect the function of the camera and barely effects the cosmetic appearance. Also works as it should. Includes the Contax leather pouch. Looking for $375 Hasselblad 2003fcw - very good condition. Inside felt has some cracking, and the top rim leather has peeled off (I still have the piece, could be glued back on). The felt does not effect the function of the camera. Focal plane shutter in immaculate condition, which is most important. Camera works as it should with both leaf shutters & its focal plane shutter. INCLUDES Front & back body cap Waist Level Finder Focusing Matte (I have a couple to choose from) I also have a few backs with light leaks I'll throw in, ***the camera itself does not leak any light, it's the backs... I used the camera last week with my good backs and everything came back perfect. I only offer the light leak backs as when it's happened to me I just end up buying a new one instead of doing the more practical thing, resealing. Looking for $750 If you would like detail photos of any of these cameras, they're already shot so just ask... Didn't want to bombard this post with a ton of photos. I've dealt with buying/selling numerous times on here, if there's any question I'd be happy give references. Paypal only unless local to NYC. Thanks for checking.
  8. Shot this past Summer 2013. Leo Gutman: backside 180 nosegrind revert. by Zander Taketomo, on Flickr
  9. I have a MINT condition M7ii with 80mm lens, in same condition. Shoot me an email @ zandert@gmail.com if interested & I can supply pics & talk pricing. Thanks.
  10. ZanderT

    Gavin Nolan: 180 Switch Crook.

    Gavin Nolan - 180 switch crook. by Zander Taketomo, on Flickr Shot last summer.
  11. ZanderT

    Back Tail Kf @ Love Park.

    Joey O'Brien - backside tailslide kickflip. by Zander Taketomo, on Flickr
  12. ZanderT

    Nikon D2h, D200, 10.5mm

    no that cheap
  13. ZanderT

    Nikon D2h, D200, 10.5mm

    bumping - will let this go cheap - trying to get rid