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  1. ethanelliott208

    New To Photography

    Pictures are not that bad , you know how to set your settings and all there just really boring and simple . No creative aspect to them at all . Anyone can take a photo like you are doing you just have to learn how to incorporate composition and other aspects into your work . Youll learn as you practice tho
  2. ethanelliott208

    What Did You Do To/ Get For Your Camera Today?

    http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0007U0GZM/ref=redir_mdp_mobile Thinking about getting this 30mm 1.4 for my canon t3i . Just wanted to know if anybody has had experience with this lense and can tell me if its worth buying or not .
  3. ethanelliott208

    Usk8 Video

    Indoor skatepark put in by a local church
  4. ethanelliott208

    New Winter Skate Montage Up

    Thanks ya the shaky longlense is my friend filming and thats his fisheye too. I got a new fisheye like halfway through filming this but ya ill start trying color correct.
  5. ethanelliott208

    New Winter Skate Montage Up

  6. ethanelliott208

    2013 Street-tage - Hd

    i actually kinda liked the into but ya the song choose just really dulled out the video,great filming tho
  7. ethanelliott208

    Canon T4i Setup

    its all about preference on the fisheye. The peleing is defenitly the widest for the money but it does have vig which i dont know if you like that or not but alot of people dont.It also has little flares.I would reccommend the rokinon 8mm any other of those namebrand fisheyes like bower,opteka, vivitar or any others.They will be around 300 dollars but ya for handle the eazy handle is great but out of most skaters budget so i would go with the cam caddie starter kit which is about 100 dollars too.
  8. ethanelliott208

    Park Montages

    i used to have a series of park montages with my handycam before i got my t3i.There are 3 park montages but this one is my favorite.If you wanna see the rest check out my channel at http://www.youtube.c...ia?feature=mhee
  9. ethanelliott208

    Tripods For Slr Video

    this davis and sanford provistagr18 provista grounder video tripod can it fit into a backpack or how compact and easy to carry around is it?
  10. ethanelliott208

    T3i Test Footage And Adobe After Effects Tests

    ya you see i really dont understand what that means.Can you please help explain that alittle better and share how to make it better
  11. ethanelliott208

    T3i Test Footage And Adobe After Effects Tests

    please feel free to leave any feed back on the rampslowmos
  12. ethanelliott208

    The Ramped Slow Mo Thread

    Did my First Ramp Slow Mos in these videos.tell me what yal think?