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  1. Something a little different.
  2. GioFournier

    Msa Clips

    Here's a few clips I filmed with my buddy Brian the other day.
  3. GioFournier

    Quick Park Edit

    Damn, these dudes rip. Clean footy too!
  4. GioFournier

    Full Frame Fisheye Options

    Wow that's crazy wide, I like it.
  5. GioFournier

    Lakeland Minute

    Here's a few clips we came back with from Lakeland Skatepark the other day! Skateboarding maneuvers conducted by Brian Ortiz and Omare Brown. Enjoy!
  6. A quick GoPro edit from Lakeland Skatepark!
  7. GioFournier

    Ugly Promo 2

    Dude this is sooooo gnarly! Good stuff!
  8. GioFournier


    So raddddd dude. Dickies all day
  9. GioFournier

    Quick Clips With Steven Pineiro

    Yea this dude shreds! So fun filming him.
  10. GioFournier

    Quick Clips With Steven Pineiro

    Canon 8-15mm fisheye my friend.
  11. GioFournier

    Quick Clips With Steven Pineiro

    I would have no problem with that, but I don't have a Peleng lens on this camera. Sorry dude.
  12. Check out a few clips that I filmed over at Lakeland Skate Park! This kid rips, so fun filming with em'.
  13. GioFournier

    Mat Call Welcome Footy

    Wow, small world! He rips! And yes, I did film this? haha Thanks man! The fisheye lens is 8-15mm for Canon.
  14. Mat Call skating The Park at Melbourne and Satellite Beach Skate Park out in Melbourne, Fl! Featuring some clips of Nick Murphy and my good friend Moose!
  15. GioFournier

    Tallahassee Park

    Whatttt that was rad! Digging that music too! haha