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  1. JesseHeft

    Love Park

    thanks homie
  2. JesseHeft

    Love Park

    Bryan Leddy | Fakie ollie switch 5-0 Gabe Chandler | Bs Wallride
  3. JesseHeft

    Fs Boardslide

    Aj Rogers Bs Noseslide
  4. JesseHeft

    Red White And Blue Manny

    id say fuck the door next time get him after the door.. just my opinion.. cause then the door will be fully exposed and you'll be able to see the skater perfectly. otherwise sick
  5. JesseHeft

    Which Ollie?

    wish this was in color so the skater would stand out more from the wall
  6. JesseHeft

    360 Flip/ Fs Boardslide

    thanks!! really help! I also forgot to bring my flash.. i would of used it in the fisheye shot
  7. JesseHeft

    360 Flip/ Fs Boardslide

    Skater: Zack Roskowski Skater: Zack Roskowski
  8. JesseHeft

    35mm Ollie & High 5050

    i like the first one so sick!!!!
  9. JesseHeft

    Fs Crook / Bs Lip

    matt rice he's actually a professional motocross photographer. If you have instagram check his work out! its gnarly @Mattymattrice
  10. JesseHeft

    Fs Crook / Bs Lip

    thanks for the help!!!
  11. JesseHeft


    My sister actually took this!
  12. JesseHeft

    Fs Crook / Bs Lip

    Skater: Matt Rice Skater: Matt Rice
  13. JesseHeft


    Skater: Jesse Heft
  14. JesseHeft

    Bike Hop

    i want to experiment with this style of photo how exactly do you do this? i know its obviously a slower shutter but how do you get the blur so nice?
  15. JesseHeft


    i think show the emotion and documents the reactions of the people watching the skater! Sick shot! Id love to see this in color