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  1. http://funds.gofundme.com/index.php?route=fundmanager# thank you all this means the world to me
  2. DSM

    Wtb: Gh1 Or Gh2

    hit up DecaturSkater
  3. DSM

    Hvx P2 Cards

    shoot me anything you got
  4. DSM

    Hvx P2 Cards And Info

    basically im looking at getting an hvx i want to know the rundown of p2 cards ive heard they are pcmia inputs does that mean you can put them in to the standard card hole on an hp? and i know te hvx has a mini dv tape deck how does this come into play? can you record with no p2 card?
  5. DSM

    Wtb : Hvx 200

  6. DSM

    Wtb : Hvx 200

    Looking to buy an HVX just graduated high school and have some money burning a hole in my pocket. Just let me know what you've got / price!
  7. interested might cop it soon
  8. DSM

    Flash For My T2i

    Heard it sucks
  9. DSM

    Flash For My T2i

    Looking for something decent marked down