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  1. MikeHolm

    Zombie Turd?

  2. Loss of hearing. Vanilla or chocolate?
  3. I experienced the error earlier. Don't know what was causing it. Hasn't been an issue since earlier today for me. If it persists, we'll look into it further.
  4. MikeHolm

    Where Did The Pinned Topics Go?

    We're looking into it. At this point after looking through the logs...I'm still unable to pinpoint exactly what happened. I don't think Steve has looked into the issue yet, maybe he can shed some light on it since I haven't been able to yet.
  5. MikeHolm

    Mind Field

    I foresee Arto probably having the ender in this one. Don't know why, but it's just this feeling I'm getting.
  6. [quote name='peeter' post='2454835' date='Jul 1 2008, 04:54 PM']this might just be me. but when im looking at photos someone uploaded onto the site, when i click on more photos it just reloads the page again with the first 3 even if the person has uploaded more photos. and also if i click on a related video it loads first as a picture and i have to look through the users videos to find the video i was trying to view.[/quote] Yeah, there's still minor bugs lingering around. We'll get to them...just be patient.
  7. MikeHolm

    Skateperception Widget For Mac & Pc

    I have one in the process right now. I need to stop slacking, open the project back up and finish it.
  8. MikeHolm

    New Iphone (3g)

    I've been waiting for this version since the release of the iPhone nearly a year ago. Glad it's finally out. I wouldn't dare buy one if it wasn't 3g and GPS enabled...they stepped it up and made it alot more affordable. Even though I'm going to pay out the ass to get out of my Sprint contract, it'll be liberating to do so. With the SDK out there and people working feverishly to produce apps...how can you not buy the phone if you live in an AT&T friendly service area?
  9. MikeHolm

    Post Your Gas Prices

    You know if you are a student and/or use your car to travel to and from work or use it for work you can write off the cost of gas on this year's tax return. I don't mind the high prices to be honest...I'm kind of with Steve on this one. If small adjustments aren't made by everyone in America we will screw ourselves eventually. On another not....gotta love my Camry right now that gets 30mpg...mmmmm.
  10. MikeHolm


  11. MikeHolm


    Damn...it's about time.
  12. MikeHolm


    Update or ban.
  13. MikeHolm

    Installing Ram Issues

    I've always bought all my memory for Macs from Crucial.com to insure I got the proper shit. Looks like you're going to need to send it back.