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  1. TheDailyFilmer

    **mint** Vx1000

    If this guy buys my 2100 I'll cop this
  2. TheDailyFilmer

    **mint** Vx1000

  3. TheDailyFilmer

    Concerts You're Going To

    A$AP Ferg with maxo kream this Friday!
  4. TheDailyFilmer

    Subway Sandwhiches

    12" Italian herbs and cheese Turkey Swiss Bacon Toasted Lettuce Pickles Cucumbers Chipotle southwest Mayonnaise Salt and pepper This sandwich is basically the only thing I ever get from subway other than tuna w/ Swiss And on another note anybody feelin firehouse subs?
  5. TheDailyFilmer


    Comp is on point. Really all you need is to get those flashes in there. Keep it up
  6. TheDailyFilmer

    Ios 7

    Welp didn't switch to android. Copped the 5s and its sick
  7. TheDailyFilmer


    Favorite rapper. His 2008-2005 mixtapes are heat from when he was in young money. New shit is fire too
  8. TheDailyFilmer

    Xtreme Alternitive?

    I don't at all, wish I did.
  9. TheDailyFilmer

    Ramped Slow Mo App

    Debating on getting this. Anybody with the 5s have it to compare with the built in slo-mo?
  10. TheDailyFilmer

    Xtreme Alternitive?

    That retrofitted Mk2 looks butter on the HVX damn
  11. TheDailyFilmer

    Made A Modteka

    It looks pretty good! Better than mine did lol. And btw to the dude above me if you just keep your aperture at 5.6 or higher you don't get any blue in the vig (sorry for not quoting on my phone)
  12. TheDailyFilmer

    Ios 7

    hahahah fuck iphones bruh. I am forshure switching to android
  13. TheDailyFilmer

    Ios 7

    I haven't had a social life for the past week because of this game.