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  1. Hey im very interested in this , is it still up for grabs ? and if so , would you be willing to just sell the lens ?? because im VERYYYY VERYYYY interested in that!!! please let me know !! thanks
  2. Update: Shoes have been sold. Whats up everyone. I just got a pair of Koston 2's in the mail, but they're a bit too small. I'm trying to sell them or trade for a size 10. Selling for 90 with shipping included. Thanks
  3. Hey hows it going, im very intrested in this are you willing to go any lower on the price id be able to buy it right away , like $1700 maybe?
  4. kuzmadvx


    hey is this still for sale, i might be very intrested in buying it????
  5. kuzmadvx

    For Sale: Hvx200 With Accessories

    im very intrested in this, how many hours are on it??
  6. kuzmadvx


    would you be intrested in any trades? or any trades and some cash?
  7. hey im very intrested in this how much are you selling it for?
  8. Hey hows it going, im very intrested in this, is this still up for sale?
  9. kuzmadvx

    For Sale: Panasonic Hpx 170

    Got a perfect condition cannon 7d setup , 4 batterys, bag, fisheye, 2 other lenses , handle , if your intrested in trade?
  10. kuzmadvx


    im very intrested in this, would you be able to do 1500??
  11. kuzmadvx

    For Sale: Panasonic Hpx 170

    1500 for just the camera and p2 card?
  12. im veryyy intrested in the hpx 170 how much for that ? same price as this setup??
  13. new vx edit from our cross country trip and a one from double rock ... they're both on the dvd watch the whole video
  14. kuzmadvx


    Yeah tooo legit, http://www.thrashermagazine.com/articles/t...boned-by-train/