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  1. connorpeters


    Not new, but I thought this vx1/opteka footage looked pretty valid.
  2. connorpeters

    2017 Recap

    I don't usually make videos anymore these days but I certainly need to get back into it. This is a recap video including some of my favorite memories from 2017. First time going for a cinematic style. Mostly exploring, but some skating as well.
  3. connorpeters

    Rockwell Plaza Montage

    damon still exists wat
  4. connorpeters

    Winter Of Bad Feelings

    I feel like every winter is like this to be honest. Especially if you live on the east coast. everythings just dead, cold, and depressing.
  5. connorpeters

    Final Cut Pro Download

    final cut isnt compatible for windows
  6. connorpeters

    Canon 6d Or 7d?

    unless your into shooting photos as well, I dont think theres much of a point to upgrade to another canon dslr besides the 5d mark iii. The 6d would be my suggestion if you plan on shooting photos as it is a full frame camera, but if your just going to be filming skateboarding Id suggest looking into the higher up camcorders like an hvx
  7. connorpeters

    Looking For Freelance Work

    i fucking dig my dude. good luck in finding work
  8. connorpeters

    Non Pro-line Hd Camcorder For Long Lens?

    bro this was a long ass time ago haha
  9. connorpeters

    Whats Really Good Tho Fam

    hell yeah mike, keep killin it g
  10. connorpeters

    Trv900 For The Low

    thats what im sayin haha. im sure it will look even better once i get used to it. solid setup for less than 200 bucks
  11. connorpeters

    Trv900 For The Low

    so far, it works awesome. this is my first vid with it
  12. connorpeters

    Trv900 For The Low

    not sure where to post this but just wanted to suggest to check amazon if your looking for a trv. got mine for 120 and theres a few more on there. http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B0098AT2IY/ref=dp_olp_used?ie=UTF8&condition=used
  13. connorpeters

    First Trv900 Montage + Arm Snap

    yep opteka baby death