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  1. mikeronzitti

    Resizing edited footage for DVD?

    Thanks, exactly what I needed to know!
  2. So I've already edited and exported a video as quicktime conversion out of FCP 7. Typically when Im uploading a video to youtube I resize up to 1440 x 1080 and de-interlace the footage in mpeg streamclip. What Im trying to figure out is if it's necessary to upres my footage from 720 x 480 if I am going to be putting it into Adobe Encore, making menus, and sending the file out to have cases and discs duplicated by a professional company? Also as a sidenote any wisdom about having DVDs made would be greatly appreciated.
  3. mikeronzitti


    Another park edit now that its warm out Self crit: Im in the corner of some shots but oh well
  4. mikeronzitti


    Another park edit now that its warm out Self crit: Im in the corner of some shots but oh well
  5. mikeronzitti

    Tadashi Fisheye Protector

    I have the one for an mk1. I'd assume this might be a similar issue for the dslr model, but I tend to never be able to get all the dust/hairs off of mine. The plastic seems to constantly static a bunch of fuzz and is a bit of a pain to constantly wipe. That being said though it is a $30-40 investment protecting a $800+ investment and it isn't noticeable in the footage so this is not a terrible trade off.
  6. mikeronzitti

    The Cool Photographer Videos Thread 2k18

    Art Greenspon. The photographer famously known for his photograph that was later adapted for the Platoon movie cover. No real interviews done on video with him unfortunately. This Time Magazine interview doesn't talk too much about his other photography but they do go fairly in depth about his photography career in vietnam and the events leading up to this photo. http://time.com/67551/the-best-photo-from-vietnam-one-photographers-defining-image-of-war/
  7. mikeronzitti


    Definitely this and I think for fisheye footage some of it also has to do with more and more people choosing to skip on saving up for an mk1 and settling for cheaper glass. The only two other kids in town who I know film vx1 both use optekas with spacers. At least From my own experience, switching to the mk1 made a fairly noticeable difference in sharpness.
  8. mikeronzitti

    Backside 5050 rail

    Damn this came out awesome! Composition and those light smears are super on point, plus the headphones and bent rail definitely give the skater and spot some character.
  9. mikeronzitti

    Down South

    Thank you man, the first photo was spontaneous. I find it kind of funny how sometimes less is more when it actually comes time to stand there and think about framing a photo. I do see what you mean about the others though, not too much really out of the ordinary from any other gas station.
  10. mikeronzitti

    Down South

    These are a few from a road trip to Florida. Scans are kinda blurry, but as always I appreciate any critique. This one is from Free Park 1 in Hollywood. Self critique would be to take some steps to move my shadow out of frame. These two were taken in Georgia on our drive back up
  11. mikeronzitti


  12. mikeronzitti

    how you see is what you get

    I really dig the second one. I really liked the overall timing of the composition with everything in motion and like you said lighting was gorg. A+ captions too
  13. mikeronzitti

    35mm pictures from a new guy

    I dig the first one, the golden browns and yellows from those envelopes and books with the blue wall and coats gives a sort of gradient to the colors of the frame.
  14. mikeronzitti

    wtb: fuji x100s

    Ended up finding an x100s on ebay, thanks for the heads up though