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  1. 35mm pictures from a new guy

    I dig the first one, the golden browns and yellows from those envelopes and books with the blue wall and coats gives a sort of gradient to the colors of the frame.
  2. wtb: fuji x100s

    Ended up finding an x100s on ebay, thanks for the heads up though
  3. Trips coming up?

    Drove down to miami on friday and will be here until thursday the 16th. Any FL guys have some spot or food reccomendations?
  4. Glass V.1 - Montage

    opening Lee Yankou clips were sick
  5. The New SPPhotoDudes Instagram Hype Train

  6. Scanner for 35mm

    Anyone who owns one of the 35mm anr inserts from betterscanning, does scanning negatives directly on the flatbed glass along with using the anr glass have any noticiable effects on scan quailty?
  7. SP Montage - Interested?

    Same here with that white shit, once the great thaw runs its course id be pretty down.
  8. Street Pan + bonus

    Shot a roll of JCH Street Pan for the first time(first and second). Kinda pricey but comes out pretty contrasted and gritty. Bonus vx shot
  9. No comply wallie barrier

    Good timing on this one especially through the hassy
  10. DWEEB - Full Video

    Yeah the cops tend to loop down there quite a bit. Thats funny though, I remember one guy in basketball shorts and soft wheels was killin it. Lmk if you come through burlington to skate again I should still be living here for another year or so!
  11. DWEEB - Full Video

    Is this your youtube channel? Another video on this channel has clips from Burlington waterfont park, I remember seeing a huge squad of you guys there over the summer.
  12. Scanner for 35mm

    Definitely going to look into that. The negative holders that come with the epsons are pretty flimsy.
  13. A Pleasing View

    Pretty cool way to preserve a snapshot of your grandpa's life. I really dig the shot of him holding the gun poking through the bushes.
  14. In Depth: Cloud Storage for Photographers and Filmers

    Through school I have a good amount of google drive storage that I have been backing up finished videos and photos on. Though I also had no idea drive compresses photos which now kind of turns me off from keeping hi-res scans stored there. What are your thoughts on personal cloud drive devices? My roommate and I have looked a bit into personal clouds from western digital or apple's time capsule but have yet to buy anything. They can get pricey but depending on which service and how long you plan on paying monthly for they could potentially be cheaper.
  15. Scanner for 35mm

    Not really too sure if what I have is anything too fancy, but I bought an Epson v550 a couple months ago for ~170 and its been good for what I need from it (35mm negatives, drawings, etc).