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  1. GustafJohansson

    Sony Vx1000e

    Still got it? I live in Sweden
  2. GustafJohansson

    For Sale/trade: Canon Xm2/gl2

    sorry, posted this wrong. please delete it.
  3. GustafJohansson

    For Sale/trade: Canon Xm2/gl2

    Yo I got a Canon GL2/XM2 for sale. It's PAL. I doesn't matter as long you're not watching it on your TV. Everything is working fine. Got some parts recently replaced. There are some scratches to the body but the lens,LCD and viewfinder is in a mint condition. Comes a Canon 5200 mAh battery, charger and the other things that you get when you buy it. I have used Panasonic tapes. Could trade it against a VX1000 or a Panasonic DVX100 Hit me up! Gustaf