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  1. Chris McCracken

    Vhs Tape Full Video

    This fully looks like a video that was edited on a VCR - I like it!
  2. Chris McCracken

    My Favorite Skater

    That bank at 1:01 is so steep that it's downtown right where everyone parks their cars to go skate, and it is still not known by any means as a skate spot. Think about the grittiest, most terrible concrete that you can still (somewhat) roll on, and then picture it at an 80 degree angle with even older, worse asphalt at the bottom. Throw a rusty highway bumper thing right above it and you pretty much have that spot.
  3. Chris McCracken

    Different Payment Options

    A check, money order, or cash-on-delivery
  4. Chris McCracken

    Friends Who Quit Skating

    I've been skating in some capacity for the past ten years, but I haven't really subscribed to the whole lifestyle or identified myself as a skateboarder for the past year or two. Getting out was definitely the best thing for me. While I still love to push around the neighborhood and stuff like that, the whole aesthetic of the sport has changed dramatically since I started in 2001, and other skateboarders just aren't the same people as they were back then. While I still love to keep up with it and do it occasionally, it wouldn't be fun for anyone if I kept trying to re-capture what was fun about skating for me when I was in middle school. I would say let your friends move on, and if you're still passionate about it, find new friends to skate with or do it alone. Don't get too caught up in wishes and hopes - find ways to enjoy skating in the circumstances you're in.
  5. Chris McCracken

    I Got Ten Dollars

    Do not get the two hot dogs for $.99. They are absolutely disgusting. The fountain drinks are a good deal with your Sheetz card though.
  6. Chris McCracken

    Debt Ceiling

    I don't know how many of you guys are interested in this, but one of the most scary things going on in the world right now is the tension between the President (Democrat) and members of Congress (Republicans in the House and Democrats in the Senate) over the US debt ceiling. Basically, both sides are arguing over what to include in a bill that allows the U.S. to increase its national debt. If we do not increase our national debt, the federal government won't be able to fund various things, and the economy will almost certainly plunge back into another recession. The two sides have until August 2nd to sort it out. Right now, neither side is looking like it wants to compromise... Here's a good run-down from The Guardian: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/jul/2...ama-debt-crisis Thoughts?
  7. The problem is that this is not backed by a shred of empirical evidence, and probably won't ever be. For context, consider this: human beings have pretty nice computers. We're somewhat technologically evolved. But in the time frame of 5,000 years, and with billions of dollars going to sneaker companies ever year for research, all of our advancement still hasn't even rendered a shoe that is healthier to walk on than it is to walk bare-footed. That's because the human foot is so complex and serves so many evolutionary functions, that scientists just haven't fully figured it out yet. Given that we can't even create a shoe that is better than the one nature gave us, I don't think it's reasonable to say we'll ever come up with anything as complex as the human mind. This article has a lot of big words in it and a lot of hyperbolic language, but I think that behind the writing this author has chosen to out-right neglect the realities of modern psychology and biology. We still can't even positively define "intelligence" and still don't know where it even comes from, and yet this guy thinks we could potentially create it ourselves in two decades.
  8. Chris McCracken


    Oh my God... Jeremy Wray could easily be a top-notch pro at any other company if he just moved to a city where there is more of an industry, and switched board companies...
  9. Chris McCracken


    Element wasn't really like that at all back in 2005 - they edited that video to basically appease "core" skateboarders who thought that the company was too commercialized and too Bam-focused (which it was). I'd say early-to-mid-2000's Element is probably the reason stores like Pac Sun and Zumiez are even in business today. Ironically that video got tons of hate anyway - Jake Rupp "did too many ollies," Colt Cannon "was boring," Jeremy Wray "was retiring." etc. Brent Atchley was probably the most promising AM on the team, but he just abruptly fell off and I have heard anything about him since...
  10. I can't stand the song they used in that First Love part, but his skating in it was extremely sick. However, this was the apex of Richard Angelides' career: GENESIS!!
  11. Chris McCracken

    Skateboard Decks In Bulk(where Can I Get Em)

    I don't have the same problem breaking Moose eBay blanks that everyone else does... maybe give those a try
  12. Chris McCracken

    Perfect Box

    I've always wanted a box with a top surface made from recycled plastic. It's so perfect for slides, grinds, and manual tricks
  13. Chris McCracken

    Serge Murphy

    I'm not sure if everyone is just kidding or what, but you need to completely re-edit that clip. Stuffing your throat with cheap PBR and vodka doesn't make you cool - it makes you a trashy alcoholic. Also, every single clip is sped up and slowed down