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  1. Flipkick

    Just take the car out! I think moving in a bit closer could help this too
  2. Random Photo Discussion

    @codykemmet I'm pretty sure Nippon in nyc works on them
  3. Post your username changes

    Dominic Palarchio, thanks!
  4. Random Photo Discussion

    Who's got the special powers on here?? Steve? Admin? plzz change my username
  5. Citi TV Episode 3 - Montage

    Catch me actually skating ^^
  6. A Pleasing View

    Pretty cool to see everybody back and posting. Looks like nobody started up series and works again or ever really posted in here. Anyways I've made a few projects since the site went down. Heres the most recent of them, A Pleasing View. Give it a read and a look on my site.
  7. Shopping Center

    These are nice, but don't really go beyond the surface. Next time look for a narrative or provide some more continuity between the photos.
  8. Ollie/too Much In The Foreground?

    This doesn't read as an ollie. It looks like a board slide attempt or sum thin. If you want it to feel like an ollie time it when there is a gap in between the bench and his wheels. You have some fringing going on around the top of the trees. Thats an easy fix in Lightroom, just check the button and if thats not enough adjust the green and magenta manually.
  9. B & W

    the bonus swing is better than the one in the post. backflip is kinda sick. I'm not into the dog or this color pic. its hard to help i don't know what the categories are tho.
  10. Bs Bigspin/ Flash Placement Techniques?

    yup. typically with speed lights the magic number is 1/4 power.
  11. Bs Bigspin/ Flash Placement Techniques?

    Its a measurement of how long your flash is letting out light for. You want to know the T.1 time is 1/1000 or higher for the power that your using. Be sure that you're not mistaking a t.1 time for a t.5 measurement they are NOT the same. Its similar to how shutter speed works to freeze action faster time better freeze. The duration changes for each power setting often lower power is a faster duration.
  12. Bs Bigspin/ Flash Placement Techniques?

    you can embed photos in your post using the little picture icon and a proper link. You need a faster shutter, or shoot when theres less ambient light. Also you could be misusing your flash if your not familiar with flash duration.
  13. Charge Money For Prints - Skate Photo

    Typically for inkjet printing paper sizes are 8.5 x 11(letter), 11x 17(tabloid), 13 x 19(super , and 17 x 22 (ansi c). I personally wouldn't feel comfortable sending out my photos to a print house for inferior C prints. Inkjet is archival while a Chromogenic print fades much sooner. I have my own printer and often make prints for other photographers and artists. If I'm selling a print of my own image I usually make a 13 x 19 inch (size matters) and typically sell them for $40 usd. Sometimes I'll charge less if it's for a certain person like if it's the person in the photograph, but I charge parents full price. I don't sign or number my prints unless the buyer requests I sign it. If somebody asks for a 1/1 print you charge more and never print that photograph again. That type of thing is usually done by bigger name photographers to add value to their prints by keeping them rare.
  14. Skate Jawn

    It was an Einstein and 2 nikon speedlights. No high speed sync on this one, shot it at 1/250th.
  15. Beginner Questions

    I read good things about the sigma 50mm art 1.4, thats a big price jump tho. Tamaron made a 45mm 1.8 that looks nice.