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  1. Patrick McCann

    Grateful Dead Appresh Thread

    i fuck with it
  2. Patrick McCann

    Favorite Place To Eat While Skatin?

    Sonic, panda express, anywhere dank
  3. Patrick McCann

    Sex In School?

    last year i just got done blazin a blunt and went in to take a piss at school and was chillen pissin and i hear moaning and panting and shit haha. I just dipped the fuck out fast as i could. It was probably 2 guys fucking for all i know.
  4. Patrick McCann

    Bob Dylan

    you can't tell me bob dylan didn't do drugs thats fuckin retarded ha. But anyways im really into dylan and have been for awhile. you should all check out the shit he did with the band, check out Apple suckling tree if you really like dylan
  5. Patrick McCann


    damn man that shit was dope. i was diggin the skating, editing, filming, it was all tight as fuck keep up the good work
  6. Patrick McCann

    Dealing With Scumbags

    yeah one time in philly my dad pulled into this parking spot and this nigga wanted it so he jumped outta the car ran around to the window and pulled a gun and demanded we pulled out haha. I wasnt about to talk shit and get faded. Kept our mouths shut and pulled out hahaha.
  7. Patrick McCann

    Smoking Songs

    ha damnnn that shit is dope as fuck. Reminds me of when Plies was coming up around here but now hes wack in Tpain videos haha.
  8. Patrick McCann

    The Derekg Story Thread.

    wow dude your so cool
  9. Patrick McCann


    [quote name='StylingMaTT' post='1835006' date='Jul 27 2007, 04:58 AM']No, no you aren't. I'd say if you were here for AG, or when before Grandman fell into obscurity, or pre-Andy Snyder's admin rule, or when the original mods were still in power and active (Mikey, Katana, Galen, Garret, MrBerns, Mr. Ryan, etc).[/quote] dude ive been here since the second month but this is a new username....
  10. Patrick McCann


    [quote name='Chris Hupman' post='1834903' date='Jul 27 2007, 04:27 AM']i think you're OG if you remember -[JO]Felony/Gino is Best/Creager is Best -when the video of grandman dissing garrett originally came out -when asperity productions got in huge shit for that fake crack skit or if you went through the entire 1.5 year magnum opus hype[/quote] damn looks liek i am on that OG tip hahahahahaha
  11. Patrick McCann


    who doesnt
  12. Patrick McCann

    Smoking Songs

    ha rep some sandals while your at it
  13. Patrick McCann

    Smoking Songs

    nigga your gone
  14. Patrick McCann

    Smoking Songs

    [quote name='Tecknique' post='1822241' date='Jul 21 2007, 06:17 AM']nah, i donno, i hate techno, but i absolutely rocked out to it when i was ripped out of my skull, it was awesome at the time[/quote] hahah what dude techno is still gay as hell when your rollin face. But i dunno if thats what your talkin about.
  15. Patrick McCann

    Smoking Songs

    hahahahah i can only hope not. I know my friend went to a 311 concert not to long ago and hes not a surfer prick but i dunno hes preety gay ahahhaa