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  1. haha holy shit theres still OG members kicking about, good to see i come on here every now and then to see whats new, fuck i remember the days there use to be 200+ people online all at once, it literally was a party on here, use to sit on the forums all day at school then at night when i came home :lol:
  2. they still do that bronze/silver/gold vx award things? damn that is oldschool
  3. any old school members still get about on here? haha 2004-2010 damn I been on here for over a decade but havent logged in for soo long! 2005-2010 were the days on SP!
  4. Urban Decay Premiere Promo (vhs)

    hell yeah that looks dope!
  5. Thanks Steve Laclair.

    good stuff dude, i joined this site 9 years ago haha damn how time flys! still log on from time to time to see whats new!
  6. Airwalk 16

    +1 pretty insane!
  7. Freestyles

    slaughter rico
  8. Curren$y

    spitaaaa's the dopest! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8Fj7iTHw8c
  9. i wonder how many real criminals got away in those 6 minutes man that pig must been bored get the fuck outta here!
  10. words cant even describe what id do to that girl if that was me
  11. Lucid Dreams

    that was dope!
  12. Run+ning

    0:34 onwards was intense haha
  13. Orlando Skatepark

    that kids steeeeezy
  14. he loves snapping boards last one was tidy though!!
  15. Get Your Kicks Extra Footage

    what everyone else said + the skating was dope