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    Sp Photodude's Instagrams

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    Fs Powerslide/hill Bomb

    The first shot is too cool, looks like amazing movie poster from the 70's
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    Check Out

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    Digi & Film Bump 2 Bar

    the first one is amazing such a great shot man
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    No Title

    I love the 3rd one,
  6. nickman

    New And Old Film.

    Hello, New and Old film work Bronica SQ-a expired film, Canon AE-1 KodakColor 100asa, and Ilford 1600 iso black and white. All negatives scanned on Canoscan 900F with VueScan MORE+++
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    Sp Photodude's Instagrams

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    Lost Roll

    Exposures are great, love the shots. The rail set up is nastty tooo
  9. Anyone use them? I made a google search found tons of places but dont really know the ins and outs with them. Has anyone experienced using these types of sites.
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    Under exposed, you should cropp the image tighter
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    Dolla Dolla Bills

    Love your first shot ! Great shots
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    Film For Sale!

    I got 2 rolls of Kodak Portra ISO 160 for trade
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    Random Photo Discussion

    Finding my way back to shooting more film
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    Any Photographers On Tumblr?

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    R.i.p. Lego Land

    man i was really hoping to see really lego land destroyed - that would be cool !
  16. nickman

    Anyone Pick Up The 40mm Pancake?

    Man ! can you please post up a review after you use it ? - looks hella cool ! and hella cute ! I must have !
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    It's All About The Tumblrs Baby.

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    New York 2012

    http://telescaphotography.wordpress.com/2012/05/25/new-york-2012/ Checkk em' all out there ! Enjoy
  20. nickman

    New York 2012

    Thanks, I went down there to see the city - and check the whole city out. Next time I head down there I'll know where I want to shoot. The blonde girl I got her e-mail and she doesn't have FACEBOOK wack...
  21. nickman

    New York 2012

    i threw the watermark because i fell on tumblr and saw some images that friends of mine took for the blog and posted on tumblr - not cool - and some friends got them printed - not cool
  22. nickman

    Got Offered To Shoot Photos For A Party...

    do you know how to take picture with a flash on your camera? if yes - you can do it.