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  1. Yo guys, I just found my 43mm Babydeath in storage. Haven't had a camera to use it on in years, but it would be dialed for a TRV900 or other smaller camera. Great condition, adult owned, very light use. Email benpiff@gmail.com with questions or for pics. Best offer?
  2. Yo Chris, I haven't posted on here in a minute, but I just found my 43mm Babydeath in storage. Haven't had a camera to use it on in years, but it would be dialed for a TRV900 or other smaller camera. Email benpiff@gmail.com with questions or for pics. Best offer gets it.
  3. Bump, I got a few interested replies over the last few months but no follow up. Email me.
  4. Bump, camera sold and now this lens needs a home. The only one I see on eBay is $400 new plus shipping, open to offers here. Email benpiff at gmail.
  5. Hi guys, sorry for the slow reply. I no longer get email updates for some reason. No external mic input, and am willing to split for the right offers. Email me (benpiff at gmail) if I don't get back to you within a day.

    Want To Buy: Hd Setup Or Vx21 Mki.

    I just posted my HD setup for sale today. http://forums.skateperception.com/index.php?/topic/310995-panasonic-hdc-hs250-3mos-120gb-hard-drive-cam-with-43mm-century-fisheye/
  7. Camera Sold. Lens still available, $200 plus shipping. Hey guys, wow it's been a long time since I posted! I guess having two kids will do that. No trades. You can email benpiff at gmail if interested. $400 for the package, you can see my references below. I bought this camera to film bmx and skateboarding, but now have two kids and I've never found myself using it (I always end up filming myself with my iPhone). This camera records with 3MOS chips in full HD (AVCHD) up to 1920x1080 to a 120GB built in hard drive, and also has expandable SD memory card slot for even more continuous recording. You can film 16 hours at full resolution on the hard drive alone. It has optical image stabilization, manual controls, 10.6 megapixel stills, 12x optical zoom, touch screen LCD controls, while being very compact and light (weighs just over 1lb). Optics of the camera's lens and fisheye are perfect, even the bottom of the camera looks perfect. I have the fisheye mounted on a UV filter so it's ridiculously wide and crisp. I think I only filmed with the fisheye one time, which you can see in this link (I think iMovie cropped the fisheye shot for some reason) . I also have a filming handle available for the right price. I have the original box and all original accessories. No trades, please don't ask.
  8. Complete with rails, hardware, ROTOrazor 2 and Nikon 28mm lens. Current sale price from Shoot35 is $700, regular price is over $1200. Taking reasonable cash or trade offers, but I'm assuming this will likely end up on ebay Hit me up at benpiff at gmail with any questions. Canon XH-A1 is also available and I'd gladly make a package deal, it's a sweet kit and the camera has less than 25 hours. http://www.shoot35.com/products/SGblade/bl...prodsframe.html
  9. I don't see many of these cameras posted on SP, but figured I'd throw the word out before I put it on my eBay store. This camera was used in a one day shoot, and is indistinguishable from new (and also had a UV filter put on it right out of the box). Comes with a waterproof Kata bag that cost $200, and also two genuine Canon BP-970G 7200mAh batteries which retail for $150 each, as well as manual and all chargers/cables. I'll snap pictures if someone is seriously shopping for one of these, but for now my legit list should suffice in getting the ball rolling . I'm not interested in trades for any beginner cameras, just sales at this point.
  10. Hey guys, I have a gorgeous VX2100 package that I just put up on eBay. Works as nice as it looks! Basic test footy in the auction. EBOY!
  11. Hey guys, just thought I'd let you know the auction ends later today. I called Kerry at VE, and he said that this type of mechanical repair was definitely the easiest compared to diagnosing any electrical problem. Easier to diagnose and fix, when he told me that I was really tempted to send it in for a free diagnosis plus he said he'd repair for any of us way cheaper than a typical customer. But then the camera got a bid, so I figured I'd let it go. Current bid is only $52.
  12. I know the test clip is really not going to be worth anything for real filmers on here, and I wish I could get some real test footage. But I've moved, all my tapes are buried, and I just need to clear space or this will be sitting around forever.
  13. Hey guys, this is a sick deal on very serious little cam. It just started showing a code that means it needs something in the tape path adjusted, or something like that. I haven't called VE about it, because I have a baby at home and am mostly filming HD these days. Lil' test footy inside. If you don't have an eBay account and want to make an offer, hit me up at benpiff at gmail. Thanks EBAY AUCTION.
  14. I've got another really dialed GL1 with low hours and the Canon wide angle. I haven't posted it up for here because a friend is most likely buying it locally. But if you need a good GL1, hit me up. The one I have will be priced lower.