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  1. Eat.Sleep.Film

    Fs: Bronica 35mm Fisheye

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/322046891922? 775 shipped
  2. Eat.Sleep.Film

    35mm Adapter Free+ship

  3. Eat.Sleep.Film

    Fs: Bronica Sq-a Setup

    Bronny SQ-A 80mm lens WLF Prism 120 back Open to offers hchristy@sva.edu 203 383 0758
  4. Eat.Sleep.Film

    Fs: Bronica 35mm Fisheye

  5. Does anyone on here use 35mm adapters? I have an SG pro adapter available. Ill ship the adapter and rails and other accessories I have for it for free if you just cover shipping charges. 203 383 0758 hchristy@sva.edu
  6. Eat.Sleep.Film

    Fs: Bronica 35mm Fisheye

    I have a Bronica 35mm Fisheye for sale. Pictures coming tomorrow when the sun comes out. Let me know if you're interested. phone: 203 383 0758 email: hchristy@sva.edu
  7. Eat.Sleep.Film

    Wtb: Bronica 35mm

    Looking to buy a bronny 35mm fisheye as soon as possible. Email or PM me if you have one for sale harrygrantchristy@yahoo.com
  8. Eat.Sleep.Film

    Fall Tage

  9. Eat.Sleep.Film

    Marks On Negs After Developing

    Weird, not sure how that happened. But thanks
  10. Eat.Sleep.Film

    Marks On Negs After Developing

    Thats possible but its weird that it would be in the same spot for every shot. Also wouldnt a light leak just appear on the frame? this goes over the sprocket holes to heres what i mean: http://img703.imageshack.us/img703/5434/ph...01117at1753.jpg
  11. Eat.Sleep.Film

    Marks On Negs After Developing

    This sometimes would happen on my last frame of the roll but i just developed a roll and on almost every frame there is a line running across it. I think it could possibly happened by negs sticking together on the spool? Any suggestions?
  12. Eat.Sleep.Film

    Easter Island

    i'm pretty sure the back 180 was first try but we just kept going back and we ended up with a couple clips
  13. Eat.Sleep.Film

    Easter Island

    Commercial with Jesse Sansevere promoting Easter Island Design, a new company out of Norwalk CT and NYC. Owned by Jacques Bartels. Filmed with vx1/mk1.. some shots are with an sg pro and 50mm/24mm. http://dejavulifestyle.com/eicommercial_final_med.mov http://www.easterislandesign.com/ Quality products
  14. Eat.Sleep.Film

    Dv Summer Montage

    Montage from the summer. http://www.dejavulifestyle.com/video.html for quicktime
  15. Eat.Sleep.Film

    Film Scanners

    Yeah i read a lot of bad things about the v500. I heard its more practical for large format but some people can still get some good looking 35mm scans. I decided to go with the 4490. I heard about betterscanning.com too and got a glass insert to avoid newton rings and keep the negs flat in the holder. thanks for the responses heres the glass insert.. http://www.betterscanning.com/scanning/insert35.html