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  1. would it matter if i used a dvx100 mk2 on a hmc 150 because its the same thread size as the dvx or do u have to have the hdv mk2
  2. JasonEwing

    Help With Vx2100

    I had the same problem as you and i have no pcmia or express card slot so what i found is this: http://www.amazon.com/Pinnacle-Systems-082301002861-Studio-MovieBox/dp/B001GK0MHE/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top/186-2341785-7994044 it has a dv port and it plugs into my computer and my vx2100 footage comes out perfectly. All you need is the the thing with the ports. You can get them on ebay or craigslist or ebay for pretty cheap. I got mine for 25.
  3. JasonEwing

    Best Vx Quality

    So after i edit it all in cs5 and then just put the whole video in mpeg streamclip? Or do i have to put each clip one at a time in it?
  4. JasonEwing

    Whats A Good Hd Setup?

    would you guys recommend a hdv camera? I seriously considering getting a sony fx7.
  5. Im getting a new camera that takes tapes and my laptop doesnt have a firwire port. My laptop doesnt take pc cards. I saw this and it would work but it has other features that make it more expensive, i has wondering if there are any things like this with only the dv port? Thanks This is it. http://www.pinnacles....version 14.htm Edit: Sorry I put this in the wrong section, should be in Ask Anything.
  6. JasonEwing

    Fs: Sony Hdr-fx7

    Is this camera still for sale?