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  1. little_apple_filmer

    Play On Words Video

    There was definitely some sick shit in there. But the slow mo'd roll aways and chopped up lines in the first part got a little redundant.
  2. little_apple_filmer

    The Skate Scene Now A Days

    Drug usage is my favorite part of skateboarding.
  3. little_apple_filmer

    Tuning In: Spirit Channelers In America

    I felt like I was watching penn and tellers "bullshit"
  4. little_apple_filmer

    Todd Falcon

    Nothing brightens up my day like new Todd Falcon footage.
  5. little_apple_filmer

    Anarchy Promo

    The powerslide firecracker was official. I would change the name if i was you though.
  6. little_apple_filmer

    Changing Over Software

    I know that it is kinda whack. but i just got pinnacle considering i am not very good with editing i heard, it was good for beginners. anyhoo. I'm wondering if I'm going to be able to transfer my finished clips that i did in Movie Maker over to Pinnacle. they should just be avi. clips. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. little_apple_filmer

    Platinum G- Force

    yeah it was a joke. hence the name "platinum G- Force" haha. we dont take ourselves very seriously
  8. little_apple_filmer

    Platinum G- Force

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABKm6hHa6JA premiered the trailer on new years at a friends party
  9. little_apple_filmer


    Good to hear you made it through rehab man. Lets skate sometime.
  10. little_apple_filmer

    Gs-180 Setup *feeler*

  11. little_apple_filmer

    Im Scared

    worrying about 2012 is stupid as hell. did anyone ever think that the aztecs were writing their calender and realized it was retarded to write a calender so far into the future and just quit. they had to stop somewhere. niggas got writers cramp.
  12. little_apple_filmer

    Gs-180 Setup *feeler*

    i am selling a panasonic gs-180 (3ccd), raynox qc 303, sima video light, 2 batteries with charger, and a tamrac expedition 3 (forest green). all in decent condition. the bag is a little scuffed up but thats all. Camera works great. the reason i listed as a feeler is because i dont have a paypal, so im going to use a friends most likely. I just need to clear it all up. 300 + shipping, or best offer
  13. little_apple_filmer

    Fake Names

    i know a guy who used tony trujillo. coincidently there was a tony trujillo wantted in the state of kansas as a murder suspect. he was arrested and given like a $500 ticket for using a fake name later on.
  14. little_apple_filmer


    i have OCD, and i am on medication that i believe also is used for Depression. the pills (PAXIL) have actually helped . im taking pills and getting help for more healthy thoughts. my doctor and i hope to adventually ween me off the drugs. i think there is purpose in pills but i agree that some side affects for drugs are ridiculous.
  15. little_apple_filmer

    Arrested Stories!

    [quote name='nasty nate' post='1538953' date='Feb 22 2007, 04:43 AM']i did that a taco bell once and the trashy lady was like "enjoy your pop!" trying to make me feel bad....[/quote] this bitch went crazy, threatening to take me to court and what not. She asks, " do any of you have a dollar to pay for that?" and my friends are so stingy they say no (even though im sure they did). they would let me rot in jail before throwing a dollar my way.