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  1. PatrickD

    E Yea

    dont worry guys i skimmed into the lazer guy's archives and found the photo he edited for us.. OH GOD NO FUCK HES GONNA BAN ME FUUUUUUUUUUUCK NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SHIT!!!
  2. PatrickD

    E Yea

    eyea front smith --- ollie
  3. PatrickD

    Switch Wallride

    thanks guys yeah he did land it, here's the line he did it in: http://www.thrashermagazine.com/component/...o/video_id,955/ and i moved to oceanside in about August. Thanks again for the support. Everyone knows I'm one of the best, people are just so butthurt sometimes they act like I'm not talented which is pretty annoying but you learn to live with it. You guys would say I'm a little better than Conway at this point, no?
  4. PatrickD

    Switch Wallride

    ry spence
  5. PatrickD

    Fakie Ollie / 50-50

    THNX bros... he does.. check out my new thread n comment my pix. i'll comment back..... :goldenwub: :goldenwub:
  6. PatrickD

    Evan Okeson Stuff

    fs 180 switch crook
  7. PatrickD

    Fakie Ollie / 50-50

    yeah, fakie shifty.
  8. PatrickD

    Fakie Ollie / 50-50

    i'm not afraid to say that for the most part, i use this lens to add something to a specific photo. in my opinion i'm able to capture a skateboarding image in the traditional sense (although sometimes i struggle to do so, as most of us do). the 3 flash triangle equation and the sandwich flash techniques and the vertical fisheye at the bottom of a stairset really doesn't appeal to me much anymore. is it my growth as a photographer? possibly. although i like to deviate from labeling myself a photographer... no less a "skateboarding photographer". i've really taken a liking into soft tones and smooth colors that can be found in the fakie ollie image. i really dig the light blue and the orange/tan mix contrasting within the entire image. in other words, my main focus isn't the skateboarder for the most part... although it should be. forgive me for rambling
  9. PatrickD

    Fakie Ollie / 50-50

    i tend to use techniques nobody really likes, can't blame you for disagreeing. and sorry man i can't stand that black and white. i like the balance of the yellow, blue, green, and magenta hat.
  10. PatrickD

    Fakie Ollie / 50-50

  11. PatrickD

    Fs: Nikon Sb 28s

    for both i can do 250.
  12. PatrickD

    Post Wat Yu Got!... For Xmas!\

  13. GOT A FISHEY!!!!!!!!!! one of these two of these a few of these *MORE LIKE 20* one of these... someone on here said they liked them so i like them?? (got one of those too, its a tunebumb lol.... (inside joke......))
  14. PatrickD

    Fs: Nikon Sb 28s

    for sale are one OR two sb 28's. they're in great shape. they come with the super fancy sync cords thats connect to pocketwizard. the cords have the screwlock in them so they're good. those screwlock cords are like 60 a piece last time i checked. $325 for both flashes w/sync cords!
  15. PatrickD

    Every Once In A While

    dude wtf i made this joke and someone deleted my post